Favorite Home Styles Across the Country

A close-up of a gray couch with yellow and emerald green throw pillows, metal and quartz style coffee and end table and a floral print hanging on the wall.

Across the country, you'll find different home styles are popular in each region, from boho and farmhouse to industrial and more. Go on a road trip with us to see the variety of Clayton’s manufactured and modular homes.

At Clayton, we know affordability and durability aren’t the only factors to consider when you’re choosing your new home. We know you want a home that feels like it was made just for you, so the interior style is just as important as the quality materials used to build it.

Your dream home will reflect your lifestyle, and with all the features and options our manufactured and modular homes have to offer, you’ll be able to make your space truly yours.

One way to match your home with your style is to consider the region you will be living in. We’ve looked at all the favorite home styles from different parts of the country, and now we’re highlighting Clayton homes in those top styles. So, let’s check out these manufactured and modular homes featuring different popular styles from across America!


54TEM28563AH22 The Pulse Interior Berkshire Hathaway 2022 Apr 004

Bohemian, or boho, likes to take pieces from several styles, embracing lots of color and textures. It has an easygoing vibe and works well with layers, plants, patterns and an effortless collage-type approach to decorating. Make a gallery wall, add greenery and pile on the comfort with rugs, lots of pillows and throw blankets.

54TEM28563AH22 The Pulse Interior Berkshire Hathaway 2022 Apr 003

If you love this style, then you’ll want to check out the Pulse. It’s colorful, eclectic and stunning. The fun geometric backsplash in the kitchen is complemented by the sage green cabinetry. The kitchen island is the same shade with a polished white countertop that contrasts with the other darker counters, but the use of neutrals makes it easy for you to personalize this space. Use the open shelving to display decorative bowls, vases, candles and potted plants. Then combine natural elements like jute rugs, cotton seat cushions and tall grasses with the sleek stainless steel appliances and matte hardware to pull it all together.


30CEA28684AH Morocco Epic Kitchen 2020-Jan 04

Contemporary is a fresh design that frequently evolves with time and is influenced by previous style periods. You’ll know it by strong lines, geometric shapes and solid or two-tone colors, saving bolder shades for accents. Stay simple and uncluttered with decor, and use metallic and glass materials.

30CEA28684AH Morocco Epic Living Room 2020-Jan 01

A great home for contemporary design is the Morocco. The blue accent kitchen island, stainless steel appliances , recessed lighting, grid-panel wall in the living room and crisp lines found in the trim and shelving really create a canvas for the style. Decorate with solid-colored sofas and chairs, and use tables with distinct edges in glass or metal. A two-tone rug or throw with a simple pattern or artwork can add pops of color.


73AFH32724AH21 The Emma Jean June 2021 Kit 2450-1 (1)

Farmhouse is a rustic and cozy style, whether you are going for a more traditional take or making it modern. It invites natural elements like distressed or reclaimed wood and butcher block-style counters, along with colors that range from neutrals and rusty reds to pastels and bright whites. Shiplap, subway tile, barn doors, apron sinks and picture windows are some of the staples you’ll find a farmhouse-inspired home.

73AFH32724AH21 The Emma Jean June 2021 Liv 2647-1

The Emma Jean is a stunning farmhouse-style model with weathered floors, ceiling beams, rustic light fixtures and big windows. Add to it with vintage pieces, wood furniture, natural textures, neutral colors and art depicting country landscapes.


27FRE28603AH Freedom Soho LivingRoom-001

Industrial style is just like it sounds: a stripped-down look with metal and brick details, an open floor plan, Edison bulbs and exposed ceilings. Think functional furnishings and design along with darker neutrals, but do not mistake industrial for boring!

27FRE28603AH Freedom Soho Kitchen-004

The Freedom Soho really rocks this look. The kitchen has wood and steel open shelving, quartz-style counters, aged-look ceiling beams, and a stainless-steel sink and range hood. You’ll also love the metal globe pendant lights and wood-style flooring. Add metallic elements in copper and brass, vintage pieces and urban-themed artwork. Canvas, leather and wire are also all materials that fit well with an industrial design. You’ll feel like you’re living the loft life with this home.

Mid-Century Modern

Model 91COR24583BH19-Living Room

Mid-century modern is similar to industrial style in that it appreciates functionality, but it has tons of personality all its own. It uses a range of colors, from bright and bold hues to more earthy, autumnal one like buttery yellows and deep oranges, with neutrals in between. You don’t have to shy away from fun patterns and natural shapes, or you can keep it streamlined. Use a variety of materials, like plastic, wood and metal. The furnishings and design tend to have a retro feel from the 1950s and ’60s.

Model 91COR24583BH19-Kitchen 2

The Coronado 2458B model makes decorating in this style easy. It has an open floor plan, an amazing modern island, rich-colored cabinetry that contrasts with quartz-style counters and white subway-tile backsplash. We love the tray ceilings, and the light wood-style flooring and white trim in every room will also help keep decor feeling consistent. The layout of the home also lends itself toward furniture with purpose. Pick pieces with soft curves and geometric shapes, and furniture with exposed legs. Don’t be afraid to play with color and add vibrancy.


25BLD32583AH Crossmod Kitchen 2020 August-014

Clean and comfortable comes to mind with Scandinavian design. Keep it uncluttered and minimal, embrace neutrals but don’t forget contrast (like black against white or soft green) and focus on quality pieces. Lighter woods, lots of light, natural textures, functional decor and cozy accents are musts with this style.

25BLD32583AH Crossmod Living Room 2020 August-001

The Keeneland is already a perfect fit for Scandinavian style with its beautiful and minimal design: clean lines, plenty of lighting, warm wood-style floors and counters, and a white and muted green color palette. All you need to do is add the cozy with plush seating and ottomans, sturdy storage with simple lines, minimal art and a little greenery.


27SPD32683AH Super68 LivingRoom Dec-2020 01

Coastal style evokes sun, sand and an ocean breeze with lighter or white wood features, natural items such as shells and sea glass, and furniture ranging from rattan chairs to covered sofas. Coastal colors tend to stick to beiges, whites and blues, though other colors can be mixed in.

27SPD32683AH Super68 KitchenDining Dec-2020 01 (1)

The Super 68 Elite can make your dream beach house a reality. The weathered-style floors will remind you of driftwood and blue accents mixed with the white cabinets and coffered ceiling give the home a bright and airy feel. The center hinge doors give the illusion of French doors that let in tons of sunlight, making it feel like summer all year round. Use a display of shells as centerpiece for nod to the beach influence in the dining room, hang seascapes on the walls and add throw pillows in sandy neutrals and seafoam blues.

Does your style fit the typical home interior look in your area? Or is your perfect home totally different than the rest of the region? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between! You can browse our Inspiration page for more decor and home feature ideas, and be sure to set up a Favorites account. Then you’ll be one step closer to finding your dream home!

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