Favorite Home Styles Across the Country

The Bordeaux kitchen is French country style and features a vaulted ceiling, frosted pendant lights and a kitchen island in a cream color.

Across the country, you'll find different home styles are popular in each region, from boho and shabby chic to industrial and more. Go on a road trip with us to see the variety of Clayton Built® homes we offer all over the U.S.

At Clayton, we know affordability and durability aren’t the only factors you’re considering when choosing your dream manufactured or modular home. We know you want a home that was made just for you, so the style of your home’s interior is just as important as the quality materials used to build it.

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Your dream home will reflect your lifestyle, and with all the options our homes have to offer, you’re probably wondering how you can make your home truly yours.

One way to match your home with your style is by considering the region you will be living in. We’ve looked at the favorite styles of homes in different parts of the country, and now we’re highlighting Clayton Built® homes that suit those top styles. So, let’s check out these manufactured and modular homes featuring different popular styles from across the country!

The Southeast

Shabby Chic

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Shabby chic tends to feature a weathered look with a pastel color palette and a soft elegance to the rooms. The 3337 64X28 CK4+2 Freedom Mod from Schult is perfect for decorating in this style, though it’s anything but shabby! The timeworn style of the floors, beautiful crown molding and romantic archways give the home a grand but delicate feel. Lots of natural light comes from the large windows throughout the home, and the neutral-colored walls are a blank canvas for adding your favorite pastels and antique-style finds featuring floral patterns and lacy curtains.


The Extra Point 37FAC14361A Kit-Liv 9681-1

Coastal style evokes sun, sand and an ocean breeze with lighter or white wood features, natural items such as shells and sea glass, and nautical decor. Coastal colors tend to stick to beiges, whites and blues, though other colors can be mixed in. The Extra Point by Clayton makes a darling beach cottage! The sun-bleached style floors and accent walls will remind you of a dock or driftwood in the sand. The sandy beige walls and the kitchen’s white cabinetry look great together, and the center hinge doors give the illusion of French doors but only one side opens for easy entry. Plus, the door style lets in tons of sunlight, making it feel like summer all year round.

French Country

Marlette The-Bordeaux-MRC28763A MBath 1924-1

French country invokes warm but muted colors and natural materials for a comfortable but charming style. Curved furniture and patterns are encouraged. The Bordeaux by Marlette embodies French country wonderfully. The kitchen features cream and wood cabinets and vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, along with an ornate range hood and stone backsplash. Details like crown molding and large windows can be found throughout the home, and the living room has built-in shelving. A standalone bathtub with a telephone-style faucet makes the primary bathroom feel luxurious and welcoming. This home will definitely have you saying, “Oh là là!”

The West


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Industrial style is just like it sounds: metal and brick details, an open floor plan and exposed ceiling details. Think functional furnishings and design, but do not mistake industrial for boring! The Inspiration 16803A by Clayton is a great example of home that can really rock this look. The kitchen has warm wood cabinetry, a white brick backsplash to match the quartz-style counters and stainless-steel sink and range hood. The light, stripped-down style of the floors leads you from the kitchen into the open living room, which features dark beams and a modern, metal ceiling fan. The walls are neutral colors throughout the home, and there is plenty of storage space included, such as a shelf and hooks by the back entryway, a pantry and linen cabinets in the laundry room. You’ll feel like you live in an urban loft with this home.

Hollywood Glam

71GLE29603AH-Living 01

Rich textures, bold colors and patterns, grand windows and a lot of shine combine into Hollywood glam. This style’s focus is on luxury and making a statement, and the GLE601S by Golden West definitely has both! The dark wood of the kitchen cabinets has a beautiful gloss, reflecting the glow from the pendant and recessed lighting. The dining area is elevated by a shaded chandelier to hang perfectly over your dinner table. You’ll find touches like plush carpet and tall windows throughout the home, and the living room has an elegant tray ceiling. And the grandeur doesn’t stop there; the primary bathroom features a separate shower and a spa-like corner tub. This home is undeniably a star!


Mid-Century Modern

47TRS14764AH Grand Living Room 02 2020-April

Mid-century modern is similar to industrial style in that it appreciates functionality, but it has tons of personality all its own. It uses a range of colors, from bright pinks and greens to more autumnal colors like buttery yellows and deep oranges. You don’t have to shy away from fun patterns and natural shapes or a variety of materials either, like plastic, wood and metal. The furnishings and design tend to have a retro feel from the 1950s and ’60s.

The Grand from TRU Homes makes decorating in this style easy. It has an open floor plan with distinct lines and a neutral wall color perfect for adding furniture and accent pieces that pop. The simple shape of the cabinets in a rich color works well with a mid-century styled kitchen. The multi-shade wood-style floor in every room will also help keep decor feeling consistent, and the layout of the home lends itself toward furniture with purpose. Pick pieces with exposed legs and geometric shapes when decorating for this style.


41SIG28563DH Southern Living 04

Rustic style focuses on neutral colors, natural elements and simple fabrics. Outside light and outdoor accents are also essential to creating a homespun atmosphere with a cabin feel. The Lakeview by Southern Homes is already gorgeously rustic and cozy before you add your favorite decor. Wood elements are everywhere! The reclaimed-style flooring, the beams stretching across the living room ceiling, and the warm backsplash in the kitchen and bathrooms are just a few of the highlights. All the walls are neutral in color, and the many, many windows frame your view and welcome in the light.



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Vintage style uses classic looks from other time periods, giving you a wide range of options depending on which decade you’re going for. The style also encourages adding a lot of decorative pieces, and the colors normally used are softer. The vintage vibes are strong in The Turner by Cavalier. The tray ceiling in the living room, the picture windows in the kitchen and the archway leading to the entryway all lend themselves well to the style. The wood-style floors look timeworn, and the oval mirrors over the double vanity in the bathroom and the crown molding around the home are perfect details to play on. Turn back the clock to your favorite design period with The Turner.


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Minimalism embraces sparse decoration, focusing on only a few essential pieces for a room. Colors are usually neutral and monochrome. Keep away from clutter and stick to clean lines and furniture with function and extra storage possibilities. With guidelines like those, it’s no surprise that the Isabella by Clayton is a top candidate if you like a more minimalist look. The trim, window and door casings, and ceiling beams all provide natural lines throughout the home, while all white cabinets give the kitchen a clean and spacious look. The kitchen island can easily turn from prep station to dining table, and all the light fixtures are understated. With an open layout and muted walls and flooring, keeping your decorating simple will only highlight how beautiful this home is.



95LFT30763AH MasterBath 05 (1)

Modern style keeps it simple but is a little more decorative than minimalism. Clean lines, functionality and neutral tones are still a big part of the modern look, but it also welcomes asymmetry, glass walls and stronger pops of color mixed in. The 7630-553 Farmstead by Clayton is right at home with this style. It’s still all lines and neutral shades, but the darker tones contrasting with the lighter ones make each room feel distinct. Bolder colors can easily be added as accents, and the glass wall in the entryway matches the standalone shower in the primary bathroom, keeping the home design cohesive.


73ADM28583AH20 Liv-Kit 6473-1

Bohemian, or boho, likes to take pieces from several styles, embracing lots of color and textures. It has an easygoing vibe and works well with layers, plants, patterns and an effortless collage-type approach to decorating. If you love this style, then you’ll adore The Kimmel by Buccaneer. It’s bright, eclectic and stunning. The daring blue of the dining area’s accent wall matches the cabinetry in the kitchen. The kitchen island is angled, and the backsplash is a blue and white mosaic. Stainless steel appliances contrast with the distressed-style pendant lights, while the dining area has a drum chandelier. The living room looks amazing with a coffered ceiling featuring metal tiles and a wood-board accent wall. The home’s details pull from many styles, but the light wood trim and hints of blue pull it all together.


56VSN288643AH DiningKitchen 03

Transitional mixes traditional elements with a modern take for a lighter, more streamlined look. The style favors neutrals and solids over patterns but combines the different types of textures you’d find in the two other design categories. The Vision 64 by Marlette is a great choice for transitional decor. The walls are neutral like you’d see in a modern home but are paired with the traditional warm, dark accents found in the beams, kitchen cabinetry, trim and wainscoting. The home feels very symmetrical, like you’d find with traditional style, and also features a family room. However, the recessed shelving in the living room, shiny metal pendant lights in the kitchen and the option of a flex room is very modern. Have the best of both worlds with this home model!

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