Bohemian Plantsody: Ways to Use Plants in Your Home Decor

A living room with a dark gray couch, bright colored pillows and an arrangement of succulents on the coffee table.

We’ll have you fawning over fauna with these suggestions on plant placement for a more boho feel to your home.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the bohemian (or boho) look in homes. Full of vibrancy and texture mixed with a laid back and comfortable feel, boho touches can really refresh your home’s style. One of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to achieve bohemian appeal is add some greenery and decorate with plants. Not sure where to start? We’ve dug up several ways for you to use plants all over your home.

Cultivate Your Living Room

Plants can really make your living room come alive. You can use them as accent pieces in your color scheme or give the space pops of color with flowering plants. Be creative with planters by looking for fun patterns and shapes like geometric pots. Or you can repurpose something like a vintage tea pot or empty jam jar. Display a mini greenhouse or terrarium as a statement piece. Boho style is all about mixing it up and focusing on interesting pieces, so have fun with it!

Do you have a bare corner or space you just can’t find the right piece to fill? Make the corner home for a new tall plant like a palm tree. Arrange an assortment of plants in different sizes around a comfy accent chair and enjoy a jungle reading nook.

Homegrown Kitchen

91BIK27603DH18-Kitchen Detail 4

Kitchens typically have lots of space to add plants: counters, islands, windowsills, tables; you name it! Use them as bookends for your favorite cookbooks or make them neighbors with your vintage flour and sugar canisters. Incorporate them with your everyday items, and you can easily imagine yourself making breakfast in a greenhouse! But if you’re looking for some green color rather than a full-fledged hothouse, windowsills are great for plants that need a lot of sunlight. You can also go more functional and have your very own herb garden at hand with fresh basil, mint and more. As a bonus, your kitchen will smell amazing!

Now don’t worry; we didn’t forget the dining area. Plants and flowers are easy to add here as a centerpiece or table scape to pull your look together. You can also give some flare to your table settings for dinner with friends by arranging tiny potted succulents or cacti on each plate.

Bedroom Blooms

71GLE30563AH-GuestBedroom 01

A boho style can make your bedroom a warm and inviting retreat, and plants play a big part in creating that aesthetic. Hang them up as art pieces with decorative wall planters or floating shelves with pots arranged. Winding plants like ivy can trail your headboard. Frame doors, windows or full-length mirrors with greenery, and place flowers in tall and short vases on your nightstands or bookcase to create visual appeal.

Do you like to keep it darker in your bedroom or don’t have a lot of natural light coming in? Certain types of ferns and ivy are very popular for boho looks and do not need a ton of sun to thrive.

Botanical Bathroom

32RVL32764AH master-bath 11

Turn your bathroom into an oasis by adding a few plants. Add a spa experience to your bath by placing plants around the tub for relaxing soaks. Brighten up your vanity with smaller plants, or if you do not have a lot of counter room, use the ceiling to maximize space. Hanging plants, especially with macramé, are go-tos in boho style. Air plants are also a beautiful option; displaying them in hanging glass terrariums will give your bathroom a whimsical touch.

A pro to housing plants in your bathroom is that plants naturally purify the air and will help keep your bathroom fresher and defend against toxins. Plus, plants that need more humidity are perfect pairs for steamy showers.

Take a few of these decoration ideas, and you’ll be sending out boho vibes in no time. Worried about plant upkeep? Here is a list of plants that require minimal care. Have a dog or cat in your home? At Clayton, we care about every member of your family, including the furry ones! Some plants are toxic to pets, so when plant shopping, look for pet friendly options. If you are looking for even more ways to decorate the bohemian home of your dreams, check out this post.

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