Builder Resources

Site Construction Manual

Clayton is dedicated to ensuring each and every home is properly installed. In our efforts to provide our customers with the best home possible, we have provided brand specific installation instructions for our builders and customers. These documents provide our builders with important reference information that will allow them to better install your home to ensure your safety and protect your investment in your home.

Builders please note that each brand specific manual contains slightly different structural connection requirements unique to the brand of home.

* This manual covers both single and multi-section homes installed over pier and anchor and load bearing crawl space walls.

Approved Technical Notes

We are dedicated to ensuring that builders install our homes in a manner that ensures the homeowner receives the safest and most durable home possible. This section contains supplemental information that is applicable to all brands. This section provides additional information that addresses issues not contained in the manual. Much of this information has been provided by other builders or inspectors to help raise the bar on the overall quality of the installation of the home. We have reviewed this information and believe it to be technically correct.

Builders should review local codes and requirements before implementing information contained in this section.

Approved Alternative Foundation Systems

Our Installation Manuals provide one method to install your home. We recognize that there are numerous alternative stabilizing systems available to our builders, all of which could not be included in our installation manuals. The systems listed in this section have been designed by registered professional engineers and approved by third party inspection agencies (DAPIA) for use with our HUD coded homes. Systems listed in this section have met the requirements of the applicable HUD regulations, however their inclusion does not signify our endorsement of any particular system or product.

Builders, please note that these systems are not approved for use with our modular coded homes.

Minute Man, Inc.
Minute Man Anchors, Inc. Installation

Instructions for Model LLBS Longitudinal and Lateral Bracing System Approved for Florida.

Oliver Technologies, Inc.
Oliver Technologies, Inc. Installation

Instructions for the 1100 "V" Series All Steel Foundation System.


Oliver Technologies 1102 Addendum

Sure Safe
Sure Safe EFS system

Instructional documentation for using the Sure Safe® EFS system. The Sure Safe® EFS system has a HUD Permanent Foundation Guide compliant solution for manufactured homes that can be installed with the home in place.

Tie Down Engineering
Vector Dynamics for California

By Tie Down Engineering, Inc. Installation Instructions For The State Of California, Wind Zone 1, 15 PSF Wind, Seismic Zone 4.

Vector Dynamics for Wind Zone 1, 2, and 3

Wind Zone 1, 2, and 3 Installation Design Instructions.

Xi2 for California

Instructions for California for Ground and Concrete Systems California Building Code (CBC) 2007 Wind 85 mph, Exposure C; Seismic Design Category D By Tie Down Engineering.

Xi2 for Wind Zone 1, 2, and 3

Instructions for Wind zone I, II and III By Tie Down Engineering.