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For every tree we used in 2021, we’re planting two in 2022.*

That’s equal to

2.33 million trees.

We’re growing a better tomorrow, together.

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At Clayton, we’re committed to building a better tomorrow, not only for our communities but for our planet. We want to drive change and do good to support and inspire the families, communities, and workplaces we serve.

That’s why we’re grateful to partner with the Arbor Day Foundation®. Together, we’ll plant 2.33 million trees in environmentally degraded areas — more than double the number of trees Clayton used to build homes in 2021.

By planting native trees in high-need areas, we’ll create lasting impact.

Cleaner, filtered water
Improve air quality
Combat climate change
Foster biodiversity

Attainable homes make communities stronger. So do trees.

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As a family-focused company that builds quality, attainable homes, we know home is foundational to a better life. We’re here to help make better tomorrows possible for more people, and that means acting now to help restore and strengthen our ecosystems. Whether in backyards, parks or forests, trees fortify our communities, purify our air, and play a vital role in the fight against climate change. Plus, they make the world a more beautiful place, too.

A responsibility and opportunity

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Each new day presents an opportunity to honor the connection we share with the natural world and recognize the responsibility we have to the environment. The 2.33 million trees we plant this year will help rejuvenate forest ecosystems, supporting the communities and families we serve.

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Our Impact

Three endangered species sheltered

By replanting native tree species, we'll help provide havens for endangered wildlife like the red-cockaded woodpecker, indigo snake and gopher tortoise.

Seven waterways supported

We're planting trees along seven rivers in Oregon and Washington, helping to fortify the health and biodiversity of watersheds.

Over 2.2 Million Tons of Sequestered CO2

The Arbor Day Foundation estimates that the native species planted this year will sequester over 2.2 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere over a 40-year period.

Where are we planting the trees?

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Together, Clayton and the Arbor Day Foundation will help restore and revitalize forest ecosystems in Longleaf Habitat and Wildlife Management Areas in Georgia, Michigan State Lands, the Pacific Northwest and at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. By planting native trees in environmentally degraded areas, we can help foster a more sustainable, thriving future for our communities and for our planet.

*Based on two trees planted by the Arbor Day Foundation for every estimated tree used in our home building process in the previous year; assuming estimated board feet used at 754 board feet per tree and average square footage of our homes built by type. Arbor Day Foundation is a registered service mark of Arbor Day Foundation Corporation.