Features for Pets in Clayton Homes

A woman in a sweater sits on the living room floor with her dog.

This list of features for a more pet-friendly home will have wagging tails, purrs and happy cheeps all around.

For many of us, pets are a part of our family, and we want our new house to feel like a home for them, too. One way to welcome them is with features that are designed with you and your pet’s comfort in mind. So, check out some of the pet friendly-features Clayton offers in our manufactured and modular home models.

Durable, Easy-to-Clean Flooring

If you have dogs or cats, you know their paws and claws can be “ruff” on floors. And any bird parent knows the floor below the cage is going to get covered in food. So, whether you’re potty training a puppy or have a floofy friend who sheds a lot, you want floors that make clean-up simple and can handle the years of everyday traffic. That’s why Clayton offers several different flooring options, depending on the room and home model, including linoleum, vinyl or luxury vinyl planks, tile and Shaw® carpet with R2X® stain and soil resistance.

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Great Views for Pets

For some pets, looking out the window is like watching TV. There is so much to see: birds, people on bikes, the mail being delivered or you coming home. Large windows or built-in seating give your pet a front-row seat to what’s going on outside, with the comfort of being indoors. You’ll also love the Low-E windows in Clayton homes, which combine the benefits of natural light with added energy efficiency. Cleaning those nose smudges off of the glass is totally worth it.

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Mudrooms for Messy Paws

A mudroom isn’t just a good spot to leave your dirty gardening shoes or sneakers. It’s also a great place to let in your pet inside and wipe off their feet before they track pawprints all over the house, or worse, jump on your light-colored sofa. Many Clayton models also have a mudroom and laundry room combination, so you can toss that dirty towel right in the washer.

Storage for Pet Supplies

Clayton homes also have various built-in storage options, like cubbies and wall hooks in those mudrooms, plus cabinets, pantries, spacious closets, garages and hideaway drawers for pet bowls. You can designate a cubby or cabinet for all your pet’s needs, like toys, blankets, leashes, grooming tools, and tank or cage cleaning supplies. You’ll enjoy having the space to keep everything you need on hand for your pets.

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Utility Sinks and Pet Washing Stations

Wrangling a dog in the bathtub is not always an easy feat, and we know you’d rather not clean out a cage or fish tank in the same sink where you wash dishes. This is where a pet shower or a utility sink really shine. A pet washing station makes grooming your pet from home easier, especially when a pup rolls around in who knows what. And it’s great for birds to bathe in or for changing water for your aquatic pets.

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Porches for Play Time

A porch provide a place to watch your pets play and give them shade when they need a break. It also lets them be part of the party during get-togethers. After all, more people mean more pets! Many of Clayton’s homes are designed with a porch option, from wraparound spaces to back porches, so you can look for one that fits with your daily life.

From their fur to feathers to scales, we love our pets and want them to feel at home, too. You can get started finding a home that fits your whole family by heading to our Find a Home page and searching for models based on your location, price range, number of bedrooms and even more features, including utility rooms, porches and more.

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