How to Help Your Pets Move Into Your New Home

How to Help Your Pets Move Into Your New Home

Introducing a dog to a new home, relocating a cat or moving with any other pet doesn’t have to be hard. Learn how to move your pets into a new house!

Here at Clayton, we consider pets to be part of the family. As part of the family, we think pets should feel like they’re at home wherever they lay their head at night! Just like you, pets are going to be adjusting to a new environment when you move into a new home. They might be scared or confused about the move.

Here are a few things to consider for your pet when moving to your new home to make sure they feel comfortable.

Create Comfortable Transportation to Your New Home

Whether you’re relocating your cat, moving with your dog, bringing along your horse or moving with any other pet to your new home, you want to make sure their ride is comfortable. Here are a few ways to make your pet more comfortable while moving to your new home:

  • Give them their favorite toy on the trip as it can act as a point of safety or familiarity for your pet.
  • Bring their favorite bed or blanket. If it’s not dirty, do not wash it. The familiar smells will help calm them down if they’re anxious.
  • Try to make the ride as smooth as you can. This can be hard if your pet has to be transferred in a trailer, or on a plane, but giving them the comfort items listed above will help.

Moving Your Pets Into Your New Home

As you transition into your new home, there are easy ways you can make your pet more comfortable and make them feel at ease. Try the following things to help your pet transition to life in your new home:

  • If possible, before the pet enters the home, try to set up an area in the home that resembles the area they spent most of their time in your previous home. For instance, if you’ve always kept your cat’s litterbox in a bathroom, try to put the litterbox in a bathroom again.
  • If you used an air freshener or candle consistently in your previous home, try to make your new home smell the same way! Pets react positively to smells they’re familiar with, and this can help them get settled.
  • Remember to maintain the same behavior and rules that you kept with your animal in your previous home to minimize the amount of changes they experience.

You can help your pet feel more comfortable as you move into your new home with these easy tips. They may not be human, but they’re certainly part of the family, and they should enjoy their new dream home as much as you will.

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