6 Ways Clayton Built® Homes are Great for Pets

Kitchen area of a Clayton Built® home with a center island feature.

Make your pets feel at home in your new space with these 6 pet friendly features!

When you take the steps toward purchasing a manufactured or modular home, you are investing in a space you and your pet can enjoy for a lifetime. According to a recent survey, a third of millennials who have already purchased a home were influenced by the need to have space for their dog. And among millennials who have never purchased a home, 42% say their dog – or wanting to have one – is a key factor in their desire to buy a home in the future. Pets are a part of the family, and while our four-legged friends come in all shapes and sizes, yours can be customized to fit your needs, and your pet’s. Treat your pets to spaces made just for them with fabulous pet features available in a variety of our Clayton Built® homes.

Check out this list that shows off some of the features we crafted just for your furry friends.


Food bowls for a pet hidden in a white cabinet drawer. 1. Hideaway drawer for food and water bowls Our hideaway drawers are perfect for keeping food bowls out of the way until your pet’s next meal time!

2. Pet wash station Keep your pets clean after they’ve been playing outside by adding a pet wash station to your Clayton Built® home. With this option, you will have similar facilities to a dog groomer and be able to keep your pet, as well as your home, clean.

Built-in window seating made from dark toned wood with green accent decorations 3. Window seating Your furry family members will love sitting on window seats to look outside while waiting for you to come home!

A small barbeque on the back deck of a Clayton Built® home with a man bending over to pet a dog. 4. Outdoor living area Pets love spending time outside almost as much as they love their owners. Customize a designated area outside that you and your pet can both enjoy!

Entry of a Clayton Built® home with built in storage cubbies under a bench. 5. Built-in pet supply storage Store pet toys, shampoo and towels in built-in pet supply areas in your entryway or utility room to keep items for your furry friends organized.

6. Pet bed cubby The pet cubby is a perfect place for your pet to get away and relax. Find a bed at a pet store near you or one you already have and put it in this cubby so your pet knows this is a spot where they can go to relax.

There you have it, simple ideas to make your home the perfect place for your pet. Want to make your home even more your own? Check out more of our customizable features.

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