Shaw® Carpets: A Great Fit for Your Floor

 Shoes laying on Shaw carpet in the Ripley Model.

What is the one thing you can count on to be there when you fall? The floor, of course! While we don’t encourage falling, we do encourage falling in love with your Clayton Built® home’s carpet.

I understand carpet may not be the first thing you think of when you are considering buying a new home. But allow me to explain why it’s so important! Your carpet isn’t just what’s under your feet when you walk around your home, it’s where your pets sprawl out after a long day of play. It’s where your kids start to crawl — then walk. And your carpet is the perfect place for family game night. So there’s no doubt your carpet is important, but what exactly makes the Shaw Floors® carpet in a Clayton Built® home so special?

When we build our manufactured and modular homes, we hold ourselves to the Clayton Built® standard. This means we partner with some of the world’s leading home building brands to ensure your home is equipped with sustainable, long-lasting and innovative products. And while being the best is important to us, having the best should also be important to you! Using quality materials to build your home means that home is not only beautiful, but durable, too. That goes all the way down to your carpets, which is why we partnered with Shaw® Floors!

Close up view of Shaw Floors® carpet in a manufactured home.

Put a Stop to Stains

There really is no reason to cry over spilled milk when it’s not going to stain your carpet! With carpet from Shaw Floors®, you can rest assured the carpet fiber is treated with Shaw’s R2X® stain and soil resistance for added repellency. This means you have time to clean up any mishaps you might have, including those from your beloved furry friends. Enjoy the peace of mind you’ll receive from knowing you won’t have to worry about struggling to get out stubborn stains! Plus, because messes are easier to clean up, your carpet can last a lot longer, too!

Shaw carpet in a manufactured home living room with gray furniture.

Beautiful Carpet Designs

The design and development team at Shaw Floors® carefully considers the carpet styles customers are looking for when creating their products, using things like design trends and color forecasts year after year. Since we are also in the business of delivering quality homes to our customers, using carpet from Shaw Floors® in our homes was the perfect fit! Shaw provides plenty of options for our design team to choose from when designing our homes, so we can ensure the carpet goes perfectly with the beautiful features and styles you’ll find in our homes.

Shaw carpets in the living area of a manufactured home with view into kitchen area.

Sustainability Matters

I know you’ve heard this word thrown around a lot when it comes to home building, but what does it actually mean? “Sustainability,” in our own words, means doing everything possible to avoid depleting natural resources. And the reason you see this term everywhere is because the small acts we do every day can make a world of difference, like choosing to use Shaw Floors® carpet in our homes!

Shaw Floors® has over 20 years of experience in producing sustainable flooring products, and most of the products they make Shaw certifies as Cradle to Cradle. What does that mean? Well, just like we hold ourselves to our Clayton Built® standard, Shaw products are designed to their Cradle to Cradle™ principles. It’s a key part of how Shaw ensures its products are designed for people and the planet.

Warranty and Coverage

Depending on the Shaw Floors® carpet in your Clayton Built® home, it will come with a 5-10 year limited quality assurance warranty. This warranty will cover any manufacturer defects that might occur.

Now you know why the carpet in your home isn’t a topic to walk all over. Want to see how everything in your home – from the foundation to the floors and all the way to the roof – is all put together? Check out our Clayton Unbuilt tool to see even more.

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