6 Laundry Rooms to Make Your Life Easier

Laundry room with shelf and window

A laundry room doesn’t have to just be for laundry. A drop zone, a storage area and a place for pets are just a few examples we highlight with six of Clayton’s favorite laundry room designs.

Laundry is an almost endless task that few people really enjoy. Even with the help of modern technology, it’s still time consuming! At Clayton, we know how precious your time is. Since we can’t fold your clothes for you, we can help you create the perfect utility or mudroom in your new home to make laundry day a little easier.

Here are six different fan favorite laundry room options Clayton has to offer.

The 4-in-1 Laundry Room

 Laundry room with drop zone, sink, cabinets, and folding area

Let’s start off with a laundry room that has it all:

  1. A workstation so you have a convenient place to put clothes and fold them.
  2. A drop zone for jackets, bags and shoes to make coming and going easier, and to help reduce dirt tracking through the house.
  3. A sink to wash up in after working outside or work on those tough stains and soak items overnight.
  4. And, of course, a place to do laundry.

Along with all the versatility in this room, you also have the convenience of extra cabinets that offer storage for all your laundry supplies, extra linens, seasonal items like winter hats and gloves, summer swimwear or any extra storage needs. This laundry room provides the space and convenience any homeowner would love.

Something for Everyone (Including Pets)

41VIS28643AH DarkSands Utility-DogBath March-2023 02

We know how important family is, fur babies included! With a pet washing station, built-in bowl storage or room for a bed, you can rest assured that your utility or mudroom can also be a space where to take care of your pet. Some designs even include space for you to store extra food, treats or toys. (And it’s also nice to have the company while you’re working on folding clothes.)

Storage Galore

Waycross Veranda Resolution-SCL32723A Laundry 0912-1

I love to be organized, especially in the laundry room. You can never have too much cabinet space to store your detergents, stain removers, extra dryer balls and so on, all while keeping a clean, crisp look. And with open countertops, you’ll have plenty of room for folding. Many of our multipurpose laundry rooms also feature a prep wash station with a sink, so you can work on getting out those deep stains or soak those muddy baseball pants after the slide into home plate in the big game.

Convenient Drop Zone

38SLT32764AH19 utility 17

Having a designated area for a drop zone in your house is a must, especially if you have young kids. Teaching them where to store their shoes and bags when they’re young will save so much time (trust me!). And having a designated drop zone in the laundry room? Life changer. Now the mud and dirt from shoes stay right in that area so you don’t track it through the rest of the house. For families who play sports, this is also a great way to have the soccer bag and cleats ready to go for the next practice.

Flex Space Options

Laundry room in a manufactured home that features a flex space office nook.

If there’s one thing that’s always appreciated in a home, it’s having a flex space. Life changes, and we know your space has to adapt with you! Whether you need a place for crafts, homework or maybe even your own in-home office, this laundry room branches off to a cozy nook that can double as a flex space of your choosing. Plus, you can always multitask by running a load of laundry while you’re getting some work done.

A Folding Paradise

A large laundry room in the Clayton Built® home, The Baylee, that features a lot of cabinet storage and an island.

I saved my favorite for last! You’ve got the extra cabinet storage, tons of countertop space and the clean-up sink. But the feature I adore the most in this laundry room would have to be the workstation island. This island works perfectly for two people to tackle the folding together (hint hint – teamwork helps the folding go twice as fast). You also have an outlet on the side of the island, which is super convenient for a stand-up steamer, or you can use this island as a flex space. With the open layout in this room, you have so many possibilities.

Those are just six examples of the laundry and mudrooms you can find throughout many of our manufactured or modular homes. Did you find any you fell in love with? You can check out the Home Features section of our Studio blog below to see even more, from walkthroughs of our favorite models to must-have farmhouse details.

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