Adding Boho Style to Your Home

Boho style is limitless — but it’s got some key factors that set it apart from other looks. Allow me to explain a little bit about what this style entails, and how you can achieve it in your home.

Bohemian, or boho, style is the perfect way to bring your home to life and it’s made completely unique by you. It’s a combination of the things you love most about home decor: colors, textures, patterns and (maybe meaningful/decorative/personal?) objects. This style is fun because no two rooms are ever the same!

Living room of manufactured home with gray couch and earth toned pillows.

Color Combinations

Warm, earthy tones are popular for bohemian style home decor. Base colors of deep browns, grays and even greens make for a perfect backdrop for decorating with fun metallics and jewel tones.

Boho style isn’t for the faint of heart! Mixing blues, purples, oranges and even yellows may seem unusual, but boho is anything but conventional. Try a statement piece like an orange chair and layer it with a blue blanket and a decorative pillow with metallic accents!

Throw rugs are also a great way to introduce colors into your space! However, don’t be afraid to use these pieces in unconventional ways. Try hanging these items on your walls in combination with your other decor to really saturate your space with color! Keep in mind that you can use white too; it’s a great option for a backdrop for all your other colors.

Bed with white and blue bedding and some decorative plants.

Keeping it Natural

Those earthy tones I was talking about earlier don’t have to come from painting your walls. Natural and rustic finishes are the perfect way to decorate your home in boho style. Personally I love the look of wooden furniture because it brings in the hippie influences of the 60s and 70s that hold such an important role in this type of style. Chairs, tables, footstools and even blanket ladders are great options to incorporate natural elements in your home.


Go green by using plants in your home! Decorating with plants has become a huge trend in recent years, and it fits in perfectly with the bohemian look. Succulents, ferns, cacti, ivy and even small trees bring nature inside. As an added bonus, having plants increases the air quality in your home!

Several lit candles on a marbled dining room table.

Light like a Boho Pro

One of the best things about decorating with boho style is bringing a warm, welcoming feel in your home. The easiest way to insure this, in combination with your super cool decor, is the lighting in your home. Traditionally, overhead lighting fixtures are what people want in their homes, but if you are going boho try out lighting your space with multiple lanterns, floor and table lamps or even some candles! Mix and match your lighting styles, boho style has no rules!

Allow me to reiterate the point that there is no right or wrong when it comes to boho. The whole point of this style is to personalize your home and fill it with the things you love most. Your home doesn’t need to look like one of those model homes out of a catalogue or a picture on the internet. Decorate your home with the colors you love, the furniture you want and decor you swoon for. Everything else will fall into place along the way, but if you need some ideas on where to get started, check out some of the beautiful home features on our Get Inspired page.

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