Trending Home Design and Decor for 2023

View of a living room from the black coffee table, topped with variety of decorations, in front of a couch with differently patterned throw pillows and a gallery wall in the background.

Refresh your home’s interior with this year’s trends. Clayton’s interior designer Megan Foster shares which colors, materials and styles are leading in 2023 and how you can incorporate them into your home.

It’s a new year, and with it, you may be thinking about a fresh upgrade to your home’s decor. Look no further. We’re here to share the leading trends with some insights from Clayton’s interior designer Megan Foster and the team at Clayton’s Home Innovation Lab. We’re covering the latest colors, styles, materials and features you can add to your home, from small details to the big picture. So, here’s to a welcome change, and let’s explore what interior design trends 2023 has in store for us.

3 Top Home Design Styles in 2023

With maximalism becoming more popular, the three styles at the top of the list come as no surprise because they all lend themselves to embracing a mix of colors, textures and patterns.

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1. Art Deco

“Art deco has made a comeback,” Megan shared. “With a more traditional undertone.”

For a new take on this home design, keep the shapes — clear lines, angles, curves and geometric patterns — and rich colors, but think less glam and more matte when it comes to metals. Play up this trend with accents of color or geometric prints in fabrics, knickknacks and artwork. An armless velvet chair, a curved lamp or a matte framed mirror are ideas for art deco statement pieces.

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2. English Cottage

Megan advises giving a refined twist to the trending English cottage style, also known as cottagecore. Like its rustic predecessors, English cottage design is inspired by a simple, country life. There has been a movement toward organic and sustainable furniture pieces and building materials, and it’s a big part of English cottage style. Incorporate natural materials like wood or rattan, along with reusing antiques and vintage furniture and pieces to furnish your home.

Decorating with plants is also an easy way to incorporate this style, whether by filling your home with lots of flowers and greenery in vintage pots, hanging dried flowers, or using floral prints in fabrics and wallpaper. Cozy blankets and pillows and artwork inspired by rural life are more ways to add a cottagecore feel to your home.

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3. Whimsical and Eclectic

A love of older eras continues to influence this year’s trends. The Home Innovation Lab explains that whimsical and eclectic style is the result of the growth in popularity of vintage pieces and nostalgic environments. It gives you a lot of wiggle room to decorate because you can take inspiration from many other design styles. Use lots of layers and mixed patterns and textures. And have fun with color — while still keeping to a color scheme — along with displaying photos and trinkets in interesting, intentional ways. Creating a gallery wall and investing in statements pieces are an easy way to bring this style to your home. Like with boho style, global influences in your decor are also encouraged.

“It’s safe to say there will be a playful tone to a lot of these design trends,” Megan said. “We’ve made our homes work overtime and function harder for us in the past three years than ever before. Now the time has come to bring joy and balance into the mix.”

Trending Home Details and Materials

So, we know what overall styles are making an impact, but what about the trends when it comes to home decor features and materials?

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First up think layers on layers. Layering patterns, textures and colors adds depth to the room and creates visual appeal. Megan gives an example for bedding and throw pillows: “Tight florals, heavy velvets, faux fur and geometrics in casual combinations create a sense of maximalism.” Or you can try a loud and striking wallpaper or hanging tapestries in playful patterns and bright colors.

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Second, focus on the details. Choose unique cabinet hardware, bold trim packages, fun lighting fixtures and statement pieces for artwork and furniture. This year will turn the focus toward lowlighting and embracing cleaner lighting, so now is the perfect time to invest in oversized lamps. Revamp your backsplash or bar area with bold tile selections. Especially if you are going for more of the English cottage vibe or mixing in traditional styles, simple stripes, thin lines and windowpane plaids are definitely in.

Third, keep it natural. Natural wood grains with a cleaner look like walnut and oak are preferred over wood with a lot of heavy texture. The design team says to think “rich colors in furniture, cabinetry and flooring [and] heavy marbling in natural stones for countertops, oversized showers and tiles.” The dynamic veining and smooth feel of marble adds elegance and texture to any room.

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And last but not least, build personal spaces. A shift from open floor plans is happening, replaced with intentional space planning and special areas within the home.

“The aesthetic of the home will reflect the location and environment,” Megan explained. “This goes hand-in-hand with the decision people are making to live where their experience cravings and well-being needs can be met. There is a growing flexibility in working from home as well, so people are gravitating toward creating a home that brings the environment they love and live in full circle.”

So, what does that shift look like? Flex rooms will continue to grow from a nice-to-have to a must-have. A flex room provides a multi-purpose space for what you need, when you need it. That extra room can transition from a temporary nursery to a playroom to a quiet area for doing homework. It can also be your at-home office for work during the day and your art studio or yoga spot in the evenings.

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People also want bigger, more luxury-focused bathrooms to relax and unwind in, bringing a spa day right to their home. Coffee bars and beverage centers are on the rise to create special moments in the kitchen, and pantry storage and sleek upgraded appliances are trending, as well. Finally, home-centric technology like smart thermostats will be used even more to accommodate busy lifestyles and the need for convenience.

Colors that Stand Out for 2023

Duracraft Flat Lay Club Oak with Design Elements 2021-Nov 014

Minimalist, stark white and cold grays are taking a backseat this year. People are adding more color to their homes for a cozy, lived-in feel. You’ll see more dramatic color play to create a moody setting.

Muted Greens

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Soft greens are popular right now, from bathroom cabinets to velvet chaise lounges to decorative candles. Work them into your color scheme with various sized plants, large wall prints and ceramics. The shades also go well paired with warm natural woods and creams.

Jewel Tones

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The design center says saturated hues and jewel tones, like rich wine shades, reds and deep greens, are for the win in 2023. These colors lend themselves well to art deco and eclectic design, but you can also use them if you want to add a darker atmosphere to the cottagecore style. Showcase these colors in big ways with tile, backsplash and accent walls or in details like your bedding, furniture upholstery, bath linens and more.

Warm Neutrals

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Beige is the new white. “Cold colors are not what people are gravitating to as they seek to feel better and safe after the past few years,” Megan shared. Incorporate earth tones and creams in rugs, curtains, pillows, wall art and more. Wood furniture with natural finishes is also an easy addition to keep within this color palette.

Overall, the most important style advice to remember is to that your home should reflect your personality. It’s the place where life happens, so make it look and feel the way that fits you.

“There is a level of unpredictability when it comes to upcoming trends. People are really comfortable to embrace the style they like rather than go follow the crowd,” Megan said. “Anticipate a melting pot of design trends to a certain extent because of that.”

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