3 Lighting Options for Your Clayton Home

Manufactured home kitchen with a black light fixture hanging.

From chandeliers to wall lighting, let’s get into 3 beautiful lighting options for your Clayton Built® home.

Picture this. You just walked into a newly decorated room. It has the perfect color combinations and neatly placed trinkets that make you believe you’re in home décor heaven, until you turn the lights on. The poorly placed fixtures and dim lighting ruin what you once thought was the perfect room.

Lighting is something that’s often an afterthought when it comes to designing a room, even though it’s arguably one of the most important elements. This is where the Clayton Design Center comes in. Our professional designers work hard to equip each room of your Clayton Built® home with a beautiful balance of modern light fixtures and the perfect amount of light to illuminate the entire space. From classic chandeliers to stylish pendant lights, let’s get into a few different types of lighting you can find a Clayton Built® homes.

Hardware Wall Lighting

Black wall light attached to a built-in entertainment center in a Clayton Built® home.

In the past, you would only find wall lighting outside to illuminate porches, patios and front doors. Now, this type of lighting has been brought inside to create a modern and industrial look in your home. Our design team works to strategically place wall lights in areas of the home that make use of this unique type of lighting to brighten up certain features like entertainment centers or art pieces.

Not only does wall lighting highlight your favorite features, but it also means there’s less need for harsh overhead lighting. Having several lighting options to choose from also creates a warm, relaxed and homey feel in your space. That’s why the Clayton Built® team offers several wall lighting options depending on the specific home you choose to make your house feel more like home.

Black hardware wall light in a manufactured Clayton Built® home.

Pendant Lighting

Glass pendant lighting in the kitchen of a Clayton Built® home.

Pendant lighting isn’t new to the world of modern decor, but the everchanging styles of these decorative lights will bring a unique touch to any room they’re in. In most Clayton Built® homes, you will find pendant lighting in the kitchen over a gorgeous breakfast bar or kitchen island. From glass to galvanized metal, there are so many pendant lighting styles for you to choose from to complement your Clayton Built® home.

Hanging lights in a Clayton Built® home kitchen.

Chandelier Lighting

Dark styled hanging chandler in a Clayton Built® home kitchen.

Ah, yes. Your good old chandelier lighting. Chandeliers are a classic staple piece in many areas of the home. In the past, chandelier lighting was used in high traffic areas like the foyer or living rooms with high ceilings to really make a statement. Nowadays, you can see a beautiful array of chandelier lighting options in more practical places in a home, like over a kitchen table or breakfast bar to add just a touch of drama to the space.

Large hanging silver chandelier with pot and pan hooks.

Whether you’re curious about the quality and stylish lighting, cabinetry or flooring you’ll find in our homes, the Clayton Built® team is here to answer all of your questions.

As a home buyer, we want you to be as informed as possible about all of the available options and features before you purchase your home, so you can be confident you’re making a great decision. That’s why we created a tool that allows you to virtually walk through a Clayton Built® home and filter through different features. The interactive floor plan allows you to toggle through porches, kitchen islands and more to better help you choose your perfect Clayton home!

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