3 Lighting Options for Your Clayton Home

Manufactured home kitchen with a black light fixture hanging.

From chandeliers to wall sconces, let’s look at three beautiful lighting options for your Clayton home.

There’s a reason we love driving around to see holiday lights in the winter. It’s the same reason we gather around bonfires for fun. And it’s why we’re captivated when a good spotlight adds the perfect touch of drama to the stage.

It’s because lighting calls for attention, evokes emotion and invites us to gather around it. We can see this throughout history, and with popular movements like hygge, the Danish tradition centered around being present and cozy. Light is key to hygge because it helps us feel at home and take a moment to savor the simple things. At Clayton, our homes celebrate all the warmth, style and functionality light can offer, so now it’s time to illuminate some of our favorite lighting options for you!

Wall Sconces

Black wall light attached to a built-in entertainment center in a Clayton Built® home.

In the past, wall sconces were typically reserved for outside to illuminate porches, patios and front doors. Now, sconces indoors can create a focal point in your home. Our design team works to strategically place wall sconces to brighten up certain home features, like entertainment centers or art pieces.

In our homes, many of these fixtures also have an industrial style, adding a bold statement to modern kitchens or living rooms with a laidback feel. Not only does this lighting highlight your favorite features, but it also means there’s less need for harsh overhead lighting. Having different lighting options to choose from also creates a warm, relaxed and homey feel in your space. That’s why the Clayton team offers several wall sconce options to make your house feel more like home as soon as you walk inside.

View is of a wall sconce on a diagonal ship lap wall. The light is a candle like bulb with a glass cylinder over it with black bracing attached to a black rectangle.

Pendant Lighting

Warm old-style bulbs hang in a kitchen. They have fluted glass coverings over them that allow you to still see the bulb design.

Pendant lighting isn’t new to the world of modern decor, but the many styles of these decorative lights bring a unique touch to any room they’re in. In many Clayton homes, you’ll find pendant lighting in the kitchen over a gorgeous breakfast bar or kitchen island. They’re perfect for focusing in on a task without having to turn all the lights on. Plus, they can have such character and flair because they usually aren’t the only source of light and can take on a more decorative role. From glass to galvanized metal, there are so many pendant lighting styles to complement the rest of your Clayton home.

Black, beveled dome light fixtures hang over a kitchen island in farmhouse style home.

Chandelier Lighting

wo modern chandeliers are hanging in a kitchen. The are silver with interlocking circles that make a sphere around the bulbs.

Last, but not least, are chandeliers, a classic staple piece in many areas of the home. In the past, chandelier lighting was used in high-traffic areas like the foyer or living rooms with high ceilings to really make a statement. Nowadays, you can see a beautiful array of chandelier lighting options in more practical places, like over a kitchen table or breakfast bar to add just a touch of drama to the space. And while we may not be filling them with candles now, the chandelier’s modern counterpart is still a nod to the ambient lighting that lit up rooms for our ancestors. Talk about a timeless addition to your home!

There's a light fixture with black, industrial metal material that creates a see through, outlined shade for 4 individually hanging bulbs.

We know you want to be as informed as possible about the available home options and features before you purchase your home, so you can be confident you’re making a great decision. So whether you’re curious about the lighting, cabinetry, flooring or other details you can find in our homes, the Clayton team is here to answer all of your questions. Below, you can check out the Home Features section of our Studio blog to get started.

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