All You Need to Know About Clayton Cabinet Options

A gorgeous manufactured home kitchen with white DuraCraft® cabinets and a farmhouse sink.

We all know cabinets are a huge part of a home, that’s why we take extra care in choosing the style and materials we use to create them. Find out all you need to know about DuraCraft® cabinets and other Clayton Built® cabinet options!

Cabinets are some of the most essential features in a home. When you walk into a kitchen, the cabinets are one of the first things you see, so shouldn’t they be beautiful? The Clayton Built® team knows the importance of staying on the front end of new styles and trends, while still providing you a cabinet that is durable enough for any unexpected water leaks, or the wear and tear of life.

The Clayton Built® team has a standard of quality that goes into all of our homes, no matter what feature it is. We knew the cabinet choice for our homes had to be top of the line, because after all, our homebuyers deserve the best. In order to provide you top of the line cabinets at a price you can afford, we knew we needed to make the cabinets ourselves. That’s right, cabinets that meet your needs from your very own Clayton Built® team. This is DuraCraft®, where design meets durability.

About DuraCraft®

Dark wooden cabinetry in a Clayton Built® kitchen.

It’s common to find manufactured homes with cabinets that are paper wrapped, making them easier to damage and extremely susceptible to water damage. That’s why we said “good-bye” to paper wrapping and “hello” to a new and improved way to give you cabinets.

The DuraCraft® brand is an innovation in the manufactured housing industry because of the quality materials that make up the product from the outside, in. The custom developed durable and water-repellent outer surface is available exclusively to the Clayton Built® brand, allowing our home buyers access to this amazing product in their homes.

We all know durability is important, but what about how it looks? The Clayton Built® design team works hard to provide modern and sleek designs in your kitchen and bathroom, while still maintaining the style you love. DuraCraft® also has a broad range of finishes and colors to stay on trend with your preference and the overall look of your home!

I know what you’re thinking… “DuraCraft® sounds great, but nothing can beat good old-fashioned wood cabinets!” That’s why DuraCraft® was designed to look and feel like a wooden cabinet, without the higher expense of wood, so you can get the best of both worlds with a quality cabinet at a price you can afford.

Wooden Cabinet Options

Dark wooden cabinetry in a Clayton Built® kitchen.

We’ve discussed industry standard cabinets and what DuraCraft® has to offer for Clayton homeowners, but what about wood cabinet options? If you’re looking for a natural design of wooden cabinets in your home to create a rustic and natural feel, we also provide an upgraded cabinet option in certain home models!

Clayton Built® wooden cabinets are crafted in our state-of-the-art facility where you can choose from several stain and finishing options. We know there’s never enough room to store all the kitchen gadgets or personal bathroom items, which is why we aim to design our cabinet structure to create optimal storage space throughout your home.

These Duracraft® cabinets are just one of the many trusted brands that come standard in a Clayton Built® home. Cabinets are such a big and important part of your home, so let’s make sure you’re getting the cabinets you deserve! Are you wondering how you can keep track of all your favorite home features, such as your favorite DuraCraft® cabinet color design? That’s why we created the favorites account option! When you create a favorites account, you can save home and features you love to help narrow down the home for you. Start your favorites account today!

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