How Clayton Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Are Made

As you search for your new Clayton home, or figure out how to take care of your current Clayton home cabinets, we know you want to understand your options and how to take care of your cabinet materials.

What are Clayton cabinets made of?

Team member works on assembling wood cabinets for a manufactured home.

Currently, bathroom and kitchen cabinets and home trim in Clayton Built® homes are made of either wood or MDF material covered with styled paper wrapping.

In 2017, some of our home building brands began integrating DuraCraft options with more brands using them in homes in 2018. DuraCraft is a different type of wrapped MDF cabinetry that is water-resistant, scratch-resistant and an affordable, durable cabinet option.

Wood Cabinets

Manufactured homes featuring wood cabinets in a kitchen.

Wood cabinets are available through select home building brands at certain home building facilities across the country. Ask your friendly home consultant which home building brands offer wood cabinets as you search for your dream home.

How to Care for Your Clayton Wood Cabinets

If you have wood cabinets, you can maintain your cabinets with a couple tips.

  • Clean up spills as soon as they occur to prevent stains and unnecessary wear to your cabinets.
  • For regular maintenance, use a damp, soft cloth to wipe down your cabinets. You can also use dust spray and a soft cloth to clean off the surface. Either way, follow with a dry rag to make sure no moisture or dust spray remains on the cabinets.
  • For deep cleaning your wood cabinets, use diluted oil soap that does not contain silicone combined with a toothbrush to clean spots and stains. You can also use diluted oil soap to wipe down the rest of your cabinet with a soft cloth and finally wipe with a dry rag when dirt and grease are gone.

Paper Covered MDF Cabinetry

The rest of the cabinet options in our manufactured and modular homes are constructed from MDF and different textured paper wrapping choices.

MDF is medium density fiberboard and it is a composite material made up of wood chips. It withstands heat and humidity well which means it will not expand and contract as much, is a very affordable prefab home product and doesn't have the inconsistencies that wood can have.

Depending on who builds your home, your home building facility could offer a variety of colors and textures for your new home cabinets.

Whether you choose wood cabinets where available or paper wrapped cabinets, you can choose a design for your home that fits your personal style.

How to Care for Your Clayton Paper Wrapped Cabinets

If you have paper wrapped MDF cabinets in your home, you can care for your cabinets by following a couple of tips.

  • For routine cleaning of your cabinetry, you can use scratch polish, furniture polish or oil soap with a soft rag or towel.
  • Do not use soap and water on your paper wrapped cabinets.
  • Do not use ammonia, bleach-based products or abrasive cleaners on your cabinets.
  • If you spill water or notice excess moisture on your paper wrapped cabinets, dry your cabinets as soon as possible.

Anytime you want to clean your prefab home cabinetry and trim, you can refer to your Homeowner's Manual. Your Clayton Built® Homeowner's Manual also has cleaning and maintenance tips for other parts of your home like your heating and cooling system, your flooring and more.

If you're searching for your dream home or looking to trade your current home in for a new Clayton Built® home, browse our cabinet design options and pick one that perfectly fits your family's style.

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