6 Home Entertainment Centers You’ll Love

6 Home Entertainment Centers You’ll Love Hero

From wooden styles to stone masterpieces, these built-in entertainment centers will complete your Clayton home’s living room.

The living room is where your family will spend most of their quality time, where intense game nights commence and you will spend long hours binge watching your favorite shows. The Clayton team knows this will be a high traffic area in your home, and we also want to help you save time and money when it comes to decorating this space.

This is why we plan out gorgeous and practical entertainment centers that complement your home’s style and design details. In many of our models, we even incorporate additional storage areas so you can maximize all your space. So let’s take a look at some of the different types of built-in entertainment centers you’ll find Clayton homes.

Simple Floating Elements

Shiplap background with floating shelves and lights in living room

Some of us just like to enjoy the simple life, and that’s why we offer simple floating shelf options. From the built-in lighting to the galvanized wall accents, this entertainment center has a clean and minimalistic style, while adding just enough contrast to tie the room together.

You’ll also often find shiplap accents paired with natural wood tones to create a seamless farmhouse feel within your living room. Entertainment centers like this are perfect for your television with easy access to outlets, or you can display your favorite art to add an additional pop of color to your room.

Contemporary Look

Built in fireplace with windows balancing out the built-in entertainment center

If you enjoy intricate details and smooth lines in your home decor, then you’re probably a fan of contemporary style. With an entertainment center like this one, you get a built-in fireplace and a strong contrast of colors and elements. Many built-in Clayton entertainment centers also have stone or wood shelves to match the style throughout the rest of the home.

Modern Farmhouse

Shiplap wall with farmhouse table built in with natural wood elements

While many people have a soft spot for the traditional farmhouse look, modern farmhouse style is definitely popular, too. And one thing that makes it easy to personalized this look is having farmhouse features built right into the home, like shiplap or galvanized metal details.

With this entertainment center, you get the best of both modern looks and a built-in farmhouse style, making it a great base for the rest of your decor.


Lit entertainment center with bookcases surrounding and shelf below

This one is for all of my bookworms out there, or maybe you’re like me and just love the look of a well decorated bookshelf. Whichever the case may be, this is the entertainment center for you. With plenty of extra storage in the built-in cabinets, you have so much room to organize and tuck away all of your personal items.

And with recessed lighting to help show off the area, it’s sure to be the main focal point of the room. There’s also the subtle contrast from the natural wood elements and painted shiplap and shelves.

Rustic Modern

brick wall with wooden soffit and shelf

This featured entertainment center is for those out there who love the natural look of wood and stone all while maintaining a sleek, modern style. With convenient outlets and a large wood soffit to house the recessed lighting, this entertainment center creates a home theater feel from the day you move in.

Wrap-Around Entertainment

Fireplace with wrap around shelf and cubbies

A wrap-around entertainment center is a great built-in option that can include added cubbies for additional storage or a fireplace combo. With options like this, you get to personalize the look of storage decor by adding baskets or decorative pieces to complete your living room.

With this design, you also have the option to place or mount a TV depending on your desired look. Adding a stone element for texture and contrast, this entertainment center is the perfect addition to your living room.

From built-in storage to fireplaces, spa bathrooms and more, the Clayton team is always thinking of beautiful features to add to our homes. Looking for more inspiration for your new manufactured or modular home? Check out our Get Inspired page to see more!

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