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7 Must Have Farmhouse Features

Mobile home living room with white shiplap wall.
Here are a few ways you can add farmhouse flair to your house, all the way to your bathroom! Our homes feature shiplap, farmhouse kitchen sinks and other fabulous features!

Ah, yes. You have finally arrived at your favorite home décor store. You’ve walked in to pick up one or two pieces to complete your home, or simply to browse around.

You suddenly find yourself in a sea of galvanized metal and antiqued white decorations. Yup, you have come to the conclusion that it’s now time to redecorate your entire house.

Have you ever found yourself in this predicament? The trendy farmhouse style has been on the rise for quite some time for its addictively beautiful and elegant elements. But, where do you start in your endeavor to a farmhouse transition?

The house itself, of course! Let us take the stress of picking out the perfect farmhouse decor off your shoulders and show you some gorgeous homes with built-in farmhouse features you won’t find anywhere else.

1. A Rustic Coffered Ceiling

Manufactured home ceiling with rustic wooden coffered ceilings and metal lacing designs in between. The Liza Jane

Can we just take a second to admire this ceiling? A ceiling is a place we don’t often think about when it comes to revamping the look of your home. With rustic coffered wood matched with ornately designed tiling in between… Oh yeah, this ceiling will leave your guests with something to talk about.

2. Primary Bathroom Accent Wall

Mobile home primary bathroom with a large wooden accent wall behind double sinks. The Sumner

Let’s be honest, what’s a farmhouse nowadays without a kickin’ accent wall? The bonus about this house is that you get in your BATHROOM. How cute is that? Accent walls are great for adding texture to a room while still being able to show off your favorite décor pieces.

3. Antique Walk-in Shower

Large manufactured home bathroom with antiqued wood inside a large walk-in shower. The Avalyn

Why should the high traffic areas of your home get all the farmhouse glory? We believe in stretching the farmhouse theme to all corners of your home! That’s right- that means walk-in showers complete with antiqued wood style tiling.

4. Statement Range Hood

Mobile home kitchen with a large range hood with lace designs on it. 6030-1001-1 American Homestead

When it comes to the farmhouse look, we often think about clean features and intricately placed natural wood. But, clean and lacey designs are just as important to get the full farmhouse effect. What better way to get this effect than a statement range hood? This range hood is a true center piece to any kitchen.

5. Rustic Mudroom

Mobile home mudroom with dark wood accent and custom shelving. The Lulabelle

Storage is always a tough topic for any homeowner. Why? Because you either don’t have enough storage, or what you do have isn’t the most glamorous section of your home… But, not anymore! Combining rustic elements with a clean and sleek storage design creates the ultimate mudroom.

6. Antique Kitchen Lights

Mobile home kitchen with antiqued white and gray overhang lighting. The Lulamae

Do you have a hard time looking away too? Of course you do! These overhang lights are the perfect addition to any farmhouse fanatic. An elegant, yet subtle mixture of color allows for a gorgeous antiqued element.

7. Clean Barn Doors

Manufactured home master bedroom with clean white barn doors leading into the master bathroom, showcasing a large white soaking tub. The Lulamae

When it comes to incorporating barn doors into your home, you have two options. First option is a very natural and unfinished look, and your second choice is a clean sleek style. Both are equally beautiful depending on the look you’re going for. When it comes to these barn doors, they give sleek a whole new name.

Let’s face it. With so many different versions of farmhouse décor, it can be quite difficult incorporating elements that keep a common theme. That’s why we wanted to make things a little easier for you by creating homes that give you a head start into a farmhouse wonderland.


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