4 Popular Fireplace Styles for Your Home

 There's a living room in view with a stack stone fireplace with a tv above it and furniture across from it. The area is decorated with plants.

Want to personalize your new Clayton home with a gorgeous fireplace? Check out this post to see highlights of the types of fireplaces you can find in our homes!

Fireplaces are one of the most enduring home features, dating back to when people gathered around a fire for warmth. So, it makes sense that a fireplace feels so integral in a home. It represents safety, comfort and even a way to cook (although now that’s usually limited to hot dogs and s’mores when camping).

With that in mind, we can revel at not only the function of a fireplace, but also how it can add to a home’s aesthetic. From mantels for storage to different design details and hearths, there are styles to fit your specific look.

Let’s talk about a few potential fireplace options that can easily turn into the centerpiece of your living room!

 There's a stone to ceiling fireplace with windows on either side. There's gray and white furniture also in view.

The Classic Stone

Stone fireplace options are a favorite for many because they’re the perfect combination of classic and versatile. Stones adds an earthy feel to your home and soften any space. They also come in different hues and patterns, so they are a great option if you want something that feels more unique. Like in nature, no two patterns are the same.

These fireplaces can add a rustic touch in a farmhouse-style home or steal the show and make a bold statement, like this floor-to-ceiling option.

 A white fireplace with an inner brick chamber that's been painted gray. There's a white built in book shelf to the right of it with decor displayed on it.

The Upscale Brick

Or, maybe you prefer features in your home that have sleek lines and are laid out precisely, like with a brick fireplace. These beautiful options add a hint of luxury to any room. From exposed brick styles for a more natural feel to clean-cut, glossy bricks, you’re sure to find a style to complete your living room’s look.

Traditional-styled living rooms wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful brick fireplace. And whether you want yours with built-in shelves or an entertainment center, Clayton has several different options to help you maximize the space and storage in your home.

Side view is a close up of a river stone styled fireplace with wooden mantel.

The River Stone Look

OK, I know what you’re thinking. We already did a stone style, right? You would be correct, but the river stone style deserves to be in a category of its own. This option adds a rustic, cabin feel to your living room that will have you in vacation mode every day of the year.

These stones are fuller, as if they were just borrowed from a nearby stream, and they’re placed so the whole face of the stone is exposed. It’s a very specific look that just may be that right fit for your home!

There's a electric fireplace in the center of a white built-in area with flatscreen TV and decor on the wooden shelves on either side of it.

Electric Fireplaces

And while the style is important, you’ll also want to think about the type of fireplace you’re looking for. Electric is a popular option because it heats up quickly and is typically more efficient than a wood-burning fireplace.

The look of an electric fireplace is also modern and striking. Commonly decorated with colorful stones or faux wood, it adds a touch of ambience to your living room. It can also be a little more flexible when it comes to size and placement, so it may be a good option if you need to fit a specific space.

Are you looking for more fireplace options for your home? Or maybe you want to see more of the features a Clayton home can have. Check out our Get Inspired page, where you can explore all kinds of options and decide which details you’ll be adding to you must-have list, all from the comfort of your computer.

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