6 Multipurpose Laundry Rooms to Make Your Life Easier

Man folding clothes in a the laundry room of a manufactured home

How would you like a space in your home that is so versatile you can craft there, store items, work, organize, have a catch-all for coming and going … oh yeah, and do your laundry?

Just a quick show of hands, who enjoys doing laundry? No, no one? Of course, almost no one enjoys doing laundry, and if you do, please share with us your secret to making such a daunting task so enjoyable. At Clayton, we’re always looking for ways to help make life easier for you. While we can’t make the piles of laundry disappear (don’t I wish), we have added some extra special touches to our laundry rooms that make the space not only enjoyable but multifunctional! In fact, you’re going to love these laundry rooms so much that you just might find yourself anticipating laundry day.

Let’s take a look at 6 different fan favorite laundry room features to consider for your new Clayton Built® home.

The 4-in-1 Laundry Room

Laundry room in the 1714 Heritage manufactured home that features a mud room bench, sink and lots of white cabinets.

If you’re looking for a laundry room that offers you these 4 great functions:

  1. A workstation to make folding clothes a breeze
  2. A drop zone for jackets, bags and shoes to make coming and going easier
  3. A place to wash up after working outside or a convenient way to work on those tough stains and soak items overnight
  4. A place to do laundry (you knew that one was coming)

Then you’re going to want a 4-in-1 laundry room like the one in the 1714 Heritage. Along with all the versatility in this room, you also have the convenience of extra cabinets that offer storage for all your laundry supplies, extra linens, seasonal items like winter hats and gloves, summer swimwear or any overflow storage needs.

Something for Everyone, Including the Pets

 A laundry room in a Clayton Built® mobile home that features a pet washing station.

We’re always looking for ways to incorporate features in our homes for the whole family, and that includes for those fur babies too! If you’re a pet lover, we have a dream laundry room for you. You can find multipurpose laundry rooms in Clayton Built® homes with amenities for pets like a pet spa washing station and built-in pet food bowls. Many families find that these large, multifunctional laundry rooms make a cozy spot for pets to lounge and a convenient place to store some of their belongings too. It’s also nice to have the company while you’re working on folding clothes.

Storage Galore

Laundry room and mud room of The Hampton Bay Clayton Built® home featuring lots of cabinet storage and a sink.

You can never have too much cabinet space. What I love about the extra cabinet space you’ll find in home models like The Hampton Bay is that you can hide away all the items that often find their home in the laundry room. Having all these cabinets really helps you organize your laundry room storage while keeping a clean, crisp look. You also have plenty of countertop space to work on folding. Many of our multipurpose laundry rooms also feature a prep wash station so you can work on getting out those deep stains or soak those muddy baseball pants after the slide into home plate in the big game.

Convenient Drop Zone

Mud room and laundry room combo of the Clayton Built® home, The Reserve 60’ featuring a drop zone and sink.

Do you struggle with the hassle of picking up items (shoes, school bags, sports equipment, work supplies, etc.) that get dropped throughout your entryway and left to forever be forgotten about until someone (likely you) comes along and puts them away, just so it can happen again the next day? If that sounds familiar, you’ll love a mudroom/laundry room combo like the one in the The Reserve 60! It’s an organizer’s dream with a beautiful farmhouse aesthetic.

With a place for everything, this drop zone will help control that “hot potato” feeling people tend to have as they walk in the door. The drop zone seating area is so inviting that it even entices you to sit down, take your shoes off, tuck them under the bench and maybe take a moment to decompress from the business day. And for those sports families, this is a great spot to have the soccer bag and cleats ready to go for the next practice.

Flex Space Options

Laundry room in a manufactured home that features a flex space office nook.

If there’s one thing we’re learning, it’s that you can never have enough flex space. Whether you need a place for crafts, homework or maybe even your own in-home office, this laundry room branches off to a cozy nook that can double as a flex space of your choosing. Sometimes you just need a place to think and work. There are cons to having your focus place in this space, like the smell of fresh laundry, and you can have the white noise you need for concentration while multitasking by running a load of laundry in the washing machine.

A Folding Paradise

A large laundry room in the Clayton Built® home, The Baylee, that features a lot of cabinet storage and an island.

I saved my favorite for last! This laundry room, found in The Baylee, is an absolute dream. You’ve got the extra cabinet storage space, tons of countertop space and the clean-up sink. But the feature I adore the most in this laundry room would have to be the workstation island. This island works perfectly for two people to tackle the folding together (hint hint – teamwork helps the folding go twice as fast). You also have an outlet on the side of the island, which is super convenient for a stand-up steamer as you work on those hang-up items, or you can use this island as a flex space if you would like. It’s very versatile and with the openness in this room, you have so many possibilities.

Those are just 6 examples of features you can find throughout many of our Clayton Built® manufactured or modular homes. Did you see laundry and mudroom features you fell in love with? Add them to your favorites account so you keep track of your wish list of customization options for your new dream home.

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