10 Storage Options to Consider for Your Kitchen

10 Storage Options to Consider for Your Clayton Kitchen

Find 10 ways to store all your pots, pans, food and cleaning supplies in your kitchen with Clayton Built® storage features for your manufactured or modular home!

Finding a Clayton Built® home with built-in kitchen storage options will let you organize your life, declutter your kitchen and make each day easier. Check out storage options available in some of our Clayton homes.


Island Storage

Extra storage is always a plus! Shelves and cabinets in the island in the Lloyd serve as a great place to store extra pots and pans or cookbooks.

Interior - Cambridge

Overhead Storage

The overhead storage in the Cambridge model by Clayton is a great way to display items or store things that you don’t use on a daily basis!

Callahan kitchen

Glass Cabinets

Not only are glass cabinets stylish, but they’re practical too! These beautiful glass cabinets are featured in the Callahan model by SEhomes and help make finding exactly what you need easy!

Breeze II Double 2018-26

Walk-in Pantry

The walk-in pantry that’s a part of the Breeze II model by Clayton has tons of space and a white board available to jot down what items your getting low on in the kitchen!

Ultimate Organization

Ultimate Organization

This cabinet is outfitted with drawers and shelves that make organizing your kitchen items easy!

45TFC34763AH Kitchen 01

Seating Storage

If your kitchen has seating built into the area like the cozy booth in the Biltmore model by SEhomes, storage can be integrated to be a part of this area!

Hideaway Pantry

Hideaway Pantry

This hideaway pantry drawer is a seamless way to organize canned goods and other food items in your kitchen!

27DSP32763A Norris Super76 KitchenPantry

Compartment Storage

This unique pantry setup in the Super 76 model by Norris has two doors that open to compartments that make organizing food easy!

Spice Rack

Spice Rack

This spice rack placed above the range is a great way to have spices at the ready while you’re cooking!

58FRE32663EM Kitchen 05

Built-in Shelving

This shelving placed next to the range in the 2483 Heritage model by Schult is a great place to put things you need quickly while cooking something on the stove!

To create your dream kitchen, start by browsing different homes available near you. Then you can check out built-in storage options available in Clayton manufactured homes and start creating the home of your dreams.

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