Watch Your Dream Floor Plan Come to Life

Exterior image of a manufactured home with white siding and a green lawn.

Let us help you take some of the stress out of picking your favorite home features with Clayton’s interactive floor plan.

When deciding on which house to buy, one of the biggest questions asked is “Which layout is right for me?” Have you picked out your walk-in closet style? Do you need extra space specifically for pets? Or have you thought about the dynamics of a gorgeous open floor plan?

STOP! Even though they’re important, your home buying experience shouldn’t be filled with so many of these daunting questions. Buying a home should be fun! That’s why Clayton created the interactive floor plan.

Finally, a way to easily compare every aspect of a home all from the comfort of your computer. “How can it be that easy?” You may ask… Well, allow me to explain.


What is the Interactive Floor Plan?

I’m delighted you asked! The interactive floor plan is an easy to use virtual layout that combines some of our favorite features from several Clayton Built ® floor plans. Through a blueprint like overview, you’re able to explore different areas of a home by clicking on the highlighted blue bubbles to see why these are some of our favorite features!

Sometimes, you don’t know what you want in your home until you see it. That’s why we wanted to give you plenty of options to scroll through, so you can pinpoint exactly what you want with ease. But, we added something a little extra…

We understand your typical blueprint layout can be boring, confusing and can take away from the true beauty of a home. That’s why we made this floor plan complete with colored 3-D features. From the countertops, to the wall décor, and even down to the pillows on the bed, you are given a real interpretation of several of the features possible in a Clayton Built® home.


What if I Want to See More Than the Basics?

Not everyone has the same style, that’s what makes us all unique! And at Clayton, we make your home for you. But, In order to show off all the styles our homes have to offer, and allow you to compare other styles for picking your absolute favorite, we created an options tab.

Once you’ve clicked on the blue buttons and found a room you’re interested in, you can explore even more options.

Areas like your flooring, bathroom tile, porches and flex spaces are just a few examples of what the interactive floor plan has to offer. Because we understand that when you have a dream style in mind, there’s no room for negotiation!


So, let’s all save ourselves a little time AND make home buying more fun! Explore your next housing opportunity with the new Clayton Built® interactive floor plan… You might find more than you think!

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