Why a Clayton Built® Home is More Than a House

A commitment to quality, innovation, strength and durability: that’s what a building a home means to us. What does it mean for you?

A question often asked is, “What makes a house a home?” I guess you can say it’s asked often because the answer is different for each person. So, my next question is, “What makes a house a home for you”?


Our Commitment to Quality and Innovation

There’s more to a home than just solid engineering and a modern design with all the bells and whistles. A home is a place to make memories and messes in, to color the walls blue and green because your kids got a new set of markers, to bake, laugh, grow and thrive.

Clayton Built® team members pay close attention to every square inch of every home, from concept to delivery, installation and beyond. That means you can sleep easy knowing your home is in the best hands every step of the way. When you buy a home with the Clayton Built® stamp on it, you’re getting a home that is just as important to us as it is to you. You can be sure your home is built on a foundation of strength, integrity and accountability, because for us, “good enough” just doesn’t cut it.

Our builders believe in going above and beyond to build affordable homes that are sustainable, efficient, dependable and beautiful so everyone has the chance to have their own spot to call home.

Building Homes with Quality, Sustainability and Efficiency

Manufactured home building facility with windows lined up ready for installation.

Clayton has over 60 years of experience in building homes for families across America. Each home is handcrafted to high standards of structural strength and durability by trained home builders in a climate controlled home building facility. For us, quality and accountability go hand in hand, and that’s why every team member who works on your Clayton Built® home treats that home as if it were their own.

By building inside facilities where weather delays don’t restrict production, we are able to build your home quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, while still maintaining unmatchable quality within our homes.

We purchase building materials in bulk, which are measured to exact specifications. This not only saves you money, but saves time for our home builders and allows us to deliver your new home faster than ever. Building materials such as lumber, insulation, OSB, floor decking and flooring finishes, just to name a few, are stored inside our building facilities so they are never exposed to elements like rain and snow.

Using high quality materials from the ground up, Clayton home builders construct each Clayton Built® home with precision. We have implemented green building processes and have committed to making our home building facilities ISO 14001 registered. But, what does that mean for you?

This is just fancy talk for ensuring your home is built with environmental sustainability in mind. Saving money on your energy bills is just as important to us as it is to you, so we also offer some of the best energy efficient options that will help you save for years to come.

Building Innovative Homes with You in Mind

Father and daughter outside their manufactured home.?w=780

Along with building homes that can last a lifetime, we believe in building homes that are designed just for you. Our home builders are experts in their fields and are constantly innovating processes and home designs to make our homes fit the lifestyles of individual families. By offering customization options on many of our floor plans, brand name features you trust and continually improving home designs and functionality, we are building innovative homes that can make your dream a reality.

You need a built-in coffee maker? We’ve got you covered! A waterfall shower? No problem! We truly believe in the importance of providing you with the features you‘ve dreamed of having, at a price that will have your wallet screaming “thank you!”

For us, Clayton Built® is about commitment. When you buy a house from Clayton, you get more than just a stone fireplace, spa bathroom or custom cabinets you can choose yourself, you get a home. Learn why Clayton is the smart housing choice and visit a Clayton home center near you to begin your home buying journey today!

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