Why Prefab is a Great Option for Millennial Home Buyers

From affordability to sustainability, learn why prefab housing is a great option for millennial home buyers.

Millennials have huge consumer influence in many different industries as they begin to make up some of the prime buyers of products now that they are graduating college and entering the workforce. They take pride in showing off their accomplishments, and are ready to be on their own. Many millennials have noticed that rent rates are high, and that just doesn’t settle well with them. Why put large sums of money in someone else’s pocket for something that is never really yours? That just isn’t practical living. And as the largest group of home buyers, millennials have consumer power. So, why not put hard earned money into something beautiful, affordable and that meets both a home buyer’s wants and needs?

Check out why millennials should consider buying a prefabricated home.

Reasons Why Millennials Should Buy a Prefabricated House Now

  • Affordability - Although millennials are jumping head first into becoming homeowners, one of their biggest struggles is being first-time home buyers. Millennials have had less time to save for a major purchase or build up good credit. However, by researching the benefits of prefabricated housing online, millennial home buyers will quickly find that Clayton Built® homes are affordable and cost efficient. There are even plenty of Prefabulous® homes for $100k or less.
  • Stay safe in a fickle housing market – One of the biggest fears of buying a home is that the housing market is ever changing. Who knows if there will be homes for sale that meet every home buyer’s needs with enough space and energy efficiency? However, we assure all home buyers that when they purchase a prefabricated home from Clayton, they can be sure to know that their home is made to order, backed with our Clayton Built® promise and typically less expensive than comparable, new site-built homes on the market.
  • A place for pets – Let’s face it, pet deposits and restrictions in rental spaces are increasing, and for a millennial pet owner, their home is their pet’s home. Many millennials are buying their first home because it has more space for their dog. Why put that pet deposit money in someone else’s pocket when it could be used to buy toys and treats?
  • Freedom to live as desired –Many millennials have probably spent the last several years under someone else’s roof. Whether it was a landlord, a residence hall director or mom and dad, they have been living by someone else’s guidelines. Being a homeowner means getting to have friends and family over any time and not worrying about who can hear on the other side of the wall. Maybe it’s time for millennials to break free and make the rules in their own homes.
  • Greener building process – Fortunately, millennials are a generation that care about the environment. If someone wants to do anything they can to help keep earth at its best, then a prefabricated home is a greener home option. With less waste, better use of resources and cost savings, millennials home buyers will be happy to know every home was built by people who care just as much about the planet as they do. Out of all of our builders, 37 out of the 40 of our facilities are ISO 14001 certified, meaning every home is built to sustainable building guidelines.
  • Competition free – When trying to buy a site-built home, millennial house hunters have to compete with other buyers. Although some people are driven by competition, why stress over whether the Smiths are going to get the beautiful house on the end of the street first? By choosing a new prefabricated home, buyers are choosing a home built just for them, free of anyone else buying it before they can.
  • Built smarter – Prefabricated homes are built indoors, safe from weather, vandalism and other problems that come when building a site-built home. Just as a car is built inside a climate controlled facility, we build inside to preserve materials from the elements and make sure the building process doesn’t stop. Why weren’t homes always built this way?
  • Custom design that fits every style – Depending on the model, home buyers may have access to customization options so their new home will fit their personal style and needs. When a new millennial home owner shows off this big purchase to friends, they’ll think, “Wow, this house really is so fitting.”
  • An investment that lasts a lifetime –Although the term “mortgage” can be intimidating, think of it as an investment for the future—it just has to be paid off every month. Some millennials may think “But I don’t even have kids yet.” Although this may be true, get ahead of the game by already having a quality home ready for when it’s time to be a parent.
  • Sustainable home, sustainable lifestyle – Since millennials are always looking to save money, they would probably love saving money on utility bills. Clayton Built® homes offer an energy smart package that includes options such as Low-E windows, programmable thermostats, upgraded insulation and more.
  • Minimalist design options – When buying a prefabricated home, there are options all the way from basic, minimalist design to luxurious living. For the minimalist millennial, we have floor plans with just the basics, and even have tiny home options.

So, if you’re a millennial that is considering homeownership, don’t push off buying your first home. Show off your style, gain freedom and take pride in your accomplishments with your new prefabricated home. Celebrate finally being able to take on life on your own, and buy a home now.

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