How An Ecobee Smart Thermostat® Can Help You Save

Person adjusting their ecobee thermostat in their manufactured home.

Clayton Built® homes meet ecobee smart thermostats® – Just another way Clayton saves you money.

The Clayton Built® team is always looking for new ways to make homeowners’ lives easier, while also saving them money. For this very reason, Clayton has partnered with ecobee to provide smart thermostat technology in all new Clayton Built® homes.

That’s right, ALL of our new homes. All Clayton Built® homes built after October 1, 2018, are equipped with ecobee thermostats as just one more step toward offering a more sustainable and innovative housing option. We wanted to make sure our homebuyers are saving wherever possible, even after their home is built.

Savings that will continue throughout the life of your home – Now that’s something to get excited about. Let’s dive into how the company behind the world’s first Wi-Fi smart thermostat will help you.

How ecobee Helps You Save

ecobee thermostat hanging on the wall next to shiplap features in a manufactured home.

In the high-tech world we live in, almost everything can be controlled with your smartphone… Your thermostat should be no exception. Controlling your thermostat whether you’re home or not through the comfort of your phone is just one of the perks that comes with owning an ecobee thermostat.

But, enough about convenience. Let’s talk about saving money. Unlike traditional thermostats that will remain at the temperature they’re set throughout the day, programable thermostats allow you to set the temperature depending on your schedule. If you’re away all day at work or on a weekend vacation, you can set your ecobee to an energy saving mode.

Ecobee thermostats also use smart sensors to recognize if there’s a person in the room and will automatically turn the temperature up or down to help you save energy if no one is home.

The durability and reliability of the products in Clayton Built® homes are important to us, which is why we partner with some of the world’s leading home building brands, like ecobee. Ecobee smart thermostats® come with a 5-year limited warranty, so you can have more peace of mind as you enjoy your new home.

Smart Thermostats vs. Traditional Thermostats

Someone adjusting a traditional thermostat in their manufactured home.

Don’t get me wrong, traditional thermostats can be very effective in regulating your home temperature needs, but there are just a couple a key factors that make smart thermostats a little different.

If you’re someone who lives in a climate that has fairly steady and predictable temperatures throughout the year, then a traditional thermostat might be exactly what you need. But, if you live in an area like the Southeast that has significant weather changes throughout any given week, then a programable thermostat like ecobee could be a huge money saver for you every month by automatically adjusting to the temperature outside using Wi-Fi capabilities.

Some other differences between the types of thermostats include external weather tracking, dehumidifying, alerts and reminders, and data reports that allow you to assess your energy usage throughout a given period of time. Not to mention ecobee thermostats have a clean and sleek look to add to the high-tech style of your home.

A Clayton Built® home isn’t just an ordinary home, it’s a home that was built for you. This is why the Clayton Built® team will never stop seeking out innovations and partnerships to make homes better for our homeowners. Are you wondering about the other features we have in our homes? Clayton Unbuilt is a tool created just for you to show off the gorgeous home features Clayton has to offer.

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