5 Different Ways to Use a Flex Room

5 Different Ways to Use a Flex Room

When you have a bonus flex room, you can personalize the room to your family's lifestyle! Make it a home office, a play area, a personal gym or one of many other options!

What is a flex room?

A flex room is essentially an extra room or bonus room in your home that you are not using as a bedroom. These spare rooms are extremely useful because you can customize them to fit you and your family's lifestyle! Some Clayton flex rooms even give you the freedom to choose specific bonus room options such as built-in desks or built-in storage and shelving systems!

The beauty of a flex room is that you can make it whatever you want it to be, but the following five ideas are my favorite ideas for what you can do with your flex space!

1. Office

Home office of the GLE42663 model by Golden West.

The GLE42663 by Golden West

The bright and spacious aclove in The GLE42663 model by Golden West features optional built-in desks for a great office space where you can focus on your work with the comfort of home! This one is also ideal if two family members want to work remotely at the same time, or a parent can work on one side while a child works on schoolwork on the other. Two people can have plenty of room and minimal distractions while sharing the office.

2. Play Room

Play room of the Sheer Ponderosa Pine model.

The Sheer Ponderosa Pine by Clayton

The flex room in the Ponderosa Pine model by Clayton is shown being used as a playroom! The built-in shelves keep those toys and activities organized, and the window seat is the perfect place for your children to sit and read their favorite books. Especially if the weather isn’t permitting and parents are looking to entertain their young ones, a playroom can give children their own space for toys, games and imaginative play.

3. Home Gym

Lifestyle Q1 2019 Home Gym-16

Use a flexible bonus room at home to get fit and take care of your health! You can try adding bright pops of color to your new home gym to make working out more enjoyable! The Spencer by Norris has a lot of options for their activity room that would be perfect for a gym set-up as shown. A personal gym keeps you dedicated to your fitness goals and provides the convenience of a workout without travel, shared equipment or memberships.

4. Entertainment or Movie Room

Lloyd Theater Room

The Lloyd model by Cavalier

A theater room or media area is the perfect place to bring the family together and relax! Add shelving and comfy seating to your flex room to make it your dedicated entertainment space. You can also look for a home that includes a theater room option! The optional theater room in The Lloyd model by Cavalier has a beautiful setup with luxurious features like raised seating, a wet bar and built-in entertainment center.

A theater room makes family movie night even more special, and you can watch your favorites with no lines and free refills! Also, if you have gamers in your home, an entertainment room brings your family video game tournaments to the next level.

5. Craft Room

Craft room in the Amazon model.

The Amazon model by Clayton

The bonus flex room in the beautiful Amazon model by Clayton can be turned into a craft room. Turning your flex room into a well-organized space for your favorite hobbies is a dream come true for people who love to spend their time making different creations! Stay inspired with your art and project supplies all available to you in one place and room to spread out while you design. A craft room is also a great resource for spending quality time with your little ones while you create together.

Flex Rooms Made for Anyone

There are plenty of other uses for a flex room. Whether you want to use your flex space as my favorite suggestions or as a guest bedroom, a pet room or a private library, what you do with your flex room is totally up to you.

That’s why having a bonus room in your new Clayton home is so great: You can change its purpose over time as your family grows. A flex room lets you maximize the value of your bonus room and make sure your home is personalized to your family’s lifestyle!

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