Office Spaces in Clayton Built® Homes

9 Nifty Office Nooks in Manufactured Homes!

Having a personal office space when you’re working from home can make it easier to focus and keep your work-life balance where it should be. Let’s take a look at these Clayton Built® homes with an office or built-in study nook that’s designed to fit your needs.

Are you working from home more or taking online classes? Maybe you need a space for the kids to study or just an organized place to post everyone’s schedules and pay your bills. Maybe you’re looking for a quiet retreat or place to be creative. Whatever your needs, having a desk or office nook in your manufactured or modular home is a perfect solution. With these offices, you can take that meeting, homework assignment or fun project anywhere.

Build in Study Time

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Built-in hallway desks are convenient and space-efficient, whether they are in an alcove, in a corner or at the end of the hall. The desk in The Tallahassee by Clayton is a great example of this feature, with plenty of shelves, tall cabinets and drawers for storage and organization. The quartz-style countertop gives the desk a sleek, modern look with lots of elbow room and space for laptops, binders and papers.

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The Absolute Value features a built-in desk at the end of the hall with room for two. This is a great place for two kids to work on homework or for you to sit with a child who has questions on an assignment. Drawers separate the two seating areas, and cabinets and cubbies above the desk give you plenty of space to store school supplies like extra paper and highlighters. Plus, there are outlets on both sides of the desk, so there is no need to battle for space to charge laptops or tablets.

Go from Bedroom to Boardroom

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Wake up to the shortest commute ever with a private, built-in office in your bedroom. The Independence 29 Mod by Schult has a classic desk set up with drawers on one side and a cabinet on the other, as well as cabinets and shelving overhead. There is an outlet with two USB ports built in to support multiple devices and a phone jack if you need an office phone. And that’s not all: Our favorite part of this feature is the pair of sliding doors! Work-life balance can be harder to achieve when you work remotely, so this way you literally can keep work and home separate by sliding the doors shut. Also, we think it gives the space a super-secret vibe that will make you feel like the superhero you are.

58FRE32603CH20 Chateau Primary Bed Makeup Vanity 2020-Sept 001

Between the primary bathroom and bedroom in the 1714 Heritage by Schult is this lovely built-in desk nook. With the large mirror, it can double as a vanity and a workspace. Three tall cabinets are also next to the desk, giving you extra storage, and there are two outlets on either side of the mirror. We also love the window directly behind the desk, letting in natural light to study by and giving you a pleasant view when you take breaks.

Make Rooms Fit Your Schedule

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Need a place to make your to-do list, sign school forms or keep the kids’ homework from the night before? The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and a built-in desk is a great addition to it when you are making dinner while also helping your child with math homework. The Farmhouse Breeze 72 by Clayton has a convenient desk built into the countertop, and you still have plenty of space for ingredients and cookware.

45TFC32664AH19 master-bath 17

Looking for a private work area that also uses space effectively? The primary bathroom of The Drake by EnergyHomes offers just that with a vanity/desk built in to the cabinets. The desk has an outlet, an overhead light, many storage options and access to plenty of natural light from the two large windows over the nearby tub.

30CEE32764AH Summit Room July 2020 2109-1

Of course, a flex space is always an amazing candidate for a personal office. Flex rooms are designed to be used for what you choose and need for your life, like a home gym or a playroom for kids. For example, this flex room in the Summit by Clayton combines two rooms in one with an office space on one side and a yoga and weight training studio on the other.

Get Laundry and More Done

37FAC28603AH Stella Utility 2020 April-004

The utility room is definitely a popular place for an office feature in Clayton Built® home models. The Stella by Clayton is a favorite example, with lots of counterspace and drawers built in and several outlets for your computer and devices. The top cabinets contrasting in color to the bottom ones also give a distinction for different types of storage. You can keep your laundry products in the cabinets under the sink and use the top cabinet for work-related folders and supplies. Plus, your office will smell like fresh linen!

44PAT28563EH19 utility 09

Enjoy another dual-purpose space in the utility room of The Washington from Clayton. It has a built-in desk/craft room with a frosted glass window for privacy. The window also has handy hooks for holding crafting tools or office supplies. Easy access to outlets and plenty of storage is a given, but that’s not all! One set of the bottom cabinets under the desk rolls out, giving you more countertop if needed.

Have an Office Built for Two, or Four!

81SHN28603B Heritage Sectional 6028-9054 Study5 1914-1

The Hayes 6028-9054 Sect by Schult has two separate office areas. The first option is the study, and if you thought the hidden desk in the Independence 29 Mod was cool, you are going to love this room! It has two entrances with sliding doors, one from the kitchen and one from the living room, but it also has a window that looks out over the living room. You can easily secret yourself away while you work while still feeling connected to the rest of the home through the window. The study has the same wood-style flooring found throughout the home and space for bookshelves, comfy chairs and your desk. Also, if you want a change of scenery or another family member needs a study nook, there is an option for a hallway built-in desk across from the utility room.

71GLE42663AH Office-20

Do you and your spouse both work at home? Do your children also need space for remote or online learning? The GLE661K by GoldenWest has all the options you could need! If you do not want a fourth bedroom, you have the option to turn it into an alcove with two built-in desks, lots of storage, an optional bookcase and beautiful windows. And if you want to keep the fourth bedroom, don’t worry! You have the option of a smaller alcove next to the entryway with a built-in desk. If that’s not enough space, there is also a small storage room with an optional desk for an office nook. In total, you could have four designated study or work areas spread throughout the home.

Whether you are looking for a hallway study nook or full office, our homes have many features to choose from to fit your routine. Want to check out more of the features we have to offer? From soaker tubs to large kitchen islands to built-in entertainment centers, find the must-haves for your dream home on Clayton Studio.

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