Why Features and Prices Vary in Manufactured Homes

Exterior of manufactured home with neutral colored exterior and large garage.

Have you wondered why the styles of Clayton Built® homes vary? Or maybe you want to know why different models have different prices? Learn why the materials, features, upgrade options, size of the home and other factors can affect how much it costs.

When you’re looking to purchase a new manufactured or modular home, there are many different options and factors to consider, such as the size, construction materials, features and upgrade options. No matter what model you choose or how much it costs, every manufactured home we build will always meet standards and codes to ensure its strength and durability. That's part of our Clayton Built® promise.

However, details like the exterior siding, outer trim, interior trim, cabinets, flooring and more can determine the different prices of the home models Clayton offers.

Exterior of manufactured home with yellow siding, large windows and a large porch.

What do Manufactured Homes Cost?

Sometimes, people ask, “How are manufactured homes so affordable?” or “What features can you get with each manufactured home model?” Well, our homes are affordable thanks to our efficient building processes and Clayton Supply, our own internal supply chain. These elements are the keys to helping us providing consistent and quality homes at a price you’ll love. It’s when you start to add additional features or upgrades to that home that price can begin to increase. We truly want this to be your dream home and believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality or style — that’s why our homes can range from anywhere below $40,000, without required installation and delivery charges, to more than $200,000.

There are so many amenities and features that can vary in our manufactured and modular homes, which is why we aim to help you understand up front what is included in each home model at each price point. Now, let’s break down some details within each Clayton Built® home price range.

Exterior of manufactured home with lots of windows and greenery.

How do Manufactured Home Models Vary?

We know that each home buyer’s needs vary, and we strive to help them find the place that is the right for them, not anyone else. Some home buyers may be looking for a home that offers a lot of space in a price range that fits their budget, and we understand that need. Another home buyer might be looking for a home model that features all the upgrades and style designs they see trending at an affordable price. Whatever your must-haves are, we offer different home options to help make beautiful, affordable homes available to a variety of home buyers with different budgets.

Allow me to provide more detail on the factors that affect the cost of a Clayton Built® home and what features you can find in homes at various price points.

Exterior of single section home with white siding and red shutters.

Ultimate Affordability

When you purchase one of our most affordable Clayton Built® homes, you can rest assured that each home comes standard with trusted home building brands and products all throughout. There are ways to offer each home at different price points, such as our most affordable models, by offering fewer variations in the materials used, which helps make building the home more cost efficient. For example, there are several styles of exterior siding available in homes at our most affordable price ranges.

These homes are built with affordability in mind, so all home buyers have that chance to achieve the dream of homeownership.

Exterior or manufactured home with tan siding and white detailing.

Mid-range Priced Homes

Homes that fall into the mid-range offer more options, such as higher roof pitches, board and batten walls with partial drywall (where available), more cabinetry and siding options and larger floor plans.

These Clayton Built® homes often include features such as fireplaces, large kitchen islands and walk-in closets. They can also include varying sizes options, ranging from 28' to 32' wide homes. In mid-range priced homes, you get quality and style plus some items from your wish list that you’ve really been dreaming of!

Exterior of CrossMod home with attached garage.

Higher Priced Homes

Now, if you’re the kind of person who’s looking for customization options with all the bells and whistles and has the budget to match, then you’re going to fall in love with all the possibilities Clayton Built® homes can offer! With options for the latest, highest-end materials and finishes you can choose from to fit your style, you’ll Have It Made®.

This price range also includes CrossMod homes, a new category of manufactured housing that includes features like an elevated roof pitch, covered porch, garage or carport, and a permanent foundation.

With the benefits of choosing a manufactured home, which is typically more affordable than a site-built home, you can also enjoy some of the latest modern amenities and trendy home styles. These can include subway tiles in the kitchen, upgraded bathroom features, higher pitched roofs, custom cabinets and designer exteriors at an attainable price.

Upgrades and Customizations in Any Home

Looking to add upgrades and customization options like additional cabinets or a soaker tub to your new home? We’ve got you covered! But it’s important to consider that upgrades and customizations do affect the final cost of your home.

We are passionate about making homeownership possible for more families and individuals, while also considering different needs at different prices points, so it’s no surprise we offer so many options and price ranges. Check out mobile, manufactured and modular homes available near you today!

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