Clayton Supply – An Innovation in the Housing Industry

Man driving a Clayton truck used for housing transportation.

From your home’s foundation to the front door, is there anything Clayton Supply can’t do?

When you buy a Clayton Built® home, you are guaranteed a simple promise. We promise your new home will last through basketballs in the house, dozens of paint coats in search of the “perfect” color and the first steps of your little miracle. You’ve heard a home should last a lifetime, which is why we want to make sure we’re providing you with a durable, beautiful home for you and your family.

While this may seem like a simple promise, the process that goes into making it a reality is quite extensive. That’s where Clayton Supply comes in.

The Clayton Built® team knew that in order to create a home that lasts, we had to find materials that would hold up to our high standards. While we found some, others just didn’t make the cut. So, we decided to make them ourselves! Are you wondering how this is more beneficial to you? Or maybe you just want to know how Clayton Supply works. Let’s talk about it.


What is a Supply Chain?

For a long time, the concept of a supply chain was interchanged with words like “logistics” or, in much simpler terms, the process that goes on behind the scenes to get you an item you ordered. But, there is more that goes into it.

If I were to break down what a supply chain is into a single statement, it would be the actions people must take to get a product from its source, all the way to your front door. This process can be pretty extensive, especially when you’re making something as large as a house.

We knew that in order to make our supply chain as efficient as possible, we needed an amazing team that would stop at nothing to get you your home as quickly as possible and using high quality materials, all while finding new ways to save you money. That’s why we created Clayton Supply, our own internal supply chain.

Getting the Building Materials

Stacks of finished cabinetry waiting to be assembled on a manufactured home.

Over time, we have established more distribution centers across the U.S. This has allowed the Clayton Built® team to buy items like lumber, cabinetry and plumbing in bulk and send certain materials to the building facility where and when they are needed. This process allows us to buy materials at their lowest price, so we can pass the savings on to you. In 2019 alone, Clayton Supply:

  • Sold 1,003,049 cabinets
  • Built 431,742 windows
  • Used 18,793 miles of electrical wire
  • Purchased 182,178 sinks
  • Used 29,500,000 pieces of lumber
  • Constructed 24,000,000 sq. ft. of carpet

The Benefits of Clayton Supply

Two men unloading a truck full of materials in a manufactured home building facility.

Our homes are all about efficiency. Cutting down the number of steps in the building process helps us offer the best value to home buyers. From building in climate controlled facilities to having a team of experienced architects and engineers designing the home, every aspect of the building process is planned to reduce waste, cost and construction time.

  1. Cut out the middleman: We can save you money by buying directly from regional suppliers that provide materials in the exact amounts we need instead of adding steps between the suppliers and retailers. Suppliers allow us to purchase materials at the lowest price available, which helps increase affordability for our home buyers. Not to mention saving time by storing and shipping the materials ourselves.

  2. Time is everything: We know when you purchase a home, you begin to count down until move-in day… And trust me, we’re just as excited as you! That’s why Clayton Supply has perfected a streamlined building process to build multiple homes a day. Doing everything internally allows us to order the exact amount of materials we need to build the homes for that day. This process means we waste less materials and save on unnecessary inventory costs.

  3. Our Clayton Connect® Team: A team of more than 200 members stops at nothing to transport our homes exactly where they need to go. This group of highly trained individuals covered more than 2 million miles in 2019. Having our own transport team within our supply chain allows us to create a smoother delivery process for our home buyers.

The Clayton Built® team is proud of the steps we’ve taken and the milestones we’ve reached to deliver you a seamless home buying process – From start to finish. One of our most incredible innovations yet is our state-of-the-art building facilities. Don’t you wish you can go visit one? Oh wait, you can! Visit our interactive facility tour to begin a virtual walkthrough of a real building facility.

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