Why Millennials Should Consider a Clayton Home

Exterior of a CrossMod home with wood shingles, tan siding and white porch and trim, with plants and tables and chairs, and a couple with a dog sitting on the front step.

Born between 1981 and 1996 and thinking about buying a home? Well, we have six reasons why a manufactured home from Clayton just might be the right choice for those of who remember what the save icon actually represents.

Let’s face it, my fellow millennials, we sometimes get a bad rap with other generations. Gen Z makes fun of our hair and pants, while our elders think we’re all still kids who complain too much. But we know the truth: We’re a generation that’s seen it all, and most of us have been #adulting for a while now. And if that means you’re finally feeling ready to buy a home, Clayton is here to help you make it happen.

Becoming a homeowner is a big milestone and there’s a lot involved, from figuring out how much you can afford and choosing a lender to finding a home that lives up to your Pinterest board dreams. So whether you’re ready to ditch the roommates, want to get out of your parent’s house or have bought a home before and are looking to move, see why we want you to consider Clayton.

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1. A Clayton home is an affordable choice.

Paychecks that haven’t kept up with inflation, student loan debt, multiple once-in-a-lifetime financial crises and rising rent costs all mean millennials haven’t had it easy financially. Homes have gotten a lot more expensive, too, so if you’ve been saving up for one, you may feel like you’re now being pushed out of the market.

That’s why Clayton has manufactured and modular homes in different price ranges, so you can find a floor plan that’s within your budget and not feel buyer’s remorse after closing on a home you really couldn’t afford. And manufactured homes are definitely cheaper than your typical site-built home: The most recent average price for a manufactured home without land was $111,900, according to the Census Bureau.

2. You’re investing in your future.

Speaking of rising rent costs, that’s a big reason to consider buying a home instead of continuing to pay a landlord. While you will still need to save for the down payment and other costs associated with buying a home, homeownership can help you build wealth over time. And if you choose a more affordable home to start with, you’ll have more money for the other things you need to take care of, like paying off debts and saving for other big future expenses.

Plus, whether you choose to put your Clayton home in a neighborhood, on land you’ve purchased or in a community, think of the freedom (and privacy) you’ll have to enjoy your space the way you want to. Say goodbye to those downstairs neighbors who party until 2 a.m. or landlords who won’t fix your broken dishwasher.

Interior of a manufactured home with a gallery wall to the left and a view of the light wood kitchen island, black appliances and sage green cabinets in the background.

3. Clayton homes come in a ton of styles.

What home features make you stop mid-scroll on Instagram? Sage green kitchen cabinets? Shiplap accent walls? A dreamy soaker tub? Well, we want you to know that just because Clayton offers affordable homes doesn’t mean we skimp out when it comes to style. Whether you’re in love with the farmhouse look or want something super modern and trendy, our floor plans offer the details you’ve been looking for.

Think colorful kitchen islands with seating, built-in storage throughout the home, entertainment centers with fireplace options, dual-vanity sinks, walk-in closets and more. Plus, we partner with top home building brands you already know, so you can feel confident about your new home’s quality, too.

4. They can also be personalized for you.

If you’re sick of seeing homes for sale online with wallpaper that’s older than you, what about a brand-new one that’s move-in ready and doesn’t need expensive, costly renovations? When you choose a manufactured or modular home from Clayton, you can even pick details like the exterior siding color, carpet, cabinets and more. We also have a variety of customization or upgrade options you can look into if there’s something specific you just have to have.

Many of our homes also have different kitchen, bedroom or primary bathroom layouts, so you can make sure your new space is going to work for your day-to-day life. This is particularly great if you’re looking for a home office, primary bedroom retreat or flex space.

Three blue trash cans for recycling plastic and cardboard inside of a manufactured home building facility, with shelves of wood in the background and a concrete floor.

5. Clayton has sustainability in mind.

OK, we’ve talked about a cute, new home you can actually afford, but what about how it’s made? At Clayton, we’re focusing on sustainability through efforts like partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation® to plant 2.33 million trees to replace those used to build our homes in 2021*. This focus also extends to our ISO® 14001 certified home building facilities, where we use a streamlined construction process that reduces waste, and also work to recycle materials like cardboard, wood, sheetrock and metal.

Energy efficiency is also a part of caring for the environment, which is why all of our new homes include features like an ecobee smart thermostat®, Low-E windows and quality insulation.

6. Your pets need space too.

This may be the last reason on my list, but it’s not the least! According to the most recent research by the American Pet Products Association, 32% of millennials are pet owners. That’s more than any other generation. Pets are definitely a part of the family, and that makes them a part of buying a home, too. So, whether you’re looking for a big porch and yard for your dog, tons of windows so the cats can bask in natural light or storage to make life with fish, birds or reptiles a little easier, Clayton homes have the features for your pets.

At Clayton, we believe the struggle doesn’t have to be real when it comes to buying a home. There’s no doubt it’s a complicated and sometimes frustrating process, but the more info you have, the more prepared and confident you’ll feel. To help you get started, we created our Studio blog, where you can learn more about everything from different mortgage types to home decor ideas to the building materials we use. Check it out below!

*Based on two trees planted by the Arbor Day Foundation for every estimated tree used in our home building process in the previous year; assuming estimated board feet used at 754 board feet per tree and average square footage of our homes built by type. Arbor Day Foundation is a registered service mark of Arbor Day Foundation Corporation.

ISO is the registered trademark of the International Organization for Standardization.

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