Why Millennials Should Consider Buying Clayton Built® Homes

We all know home buying can be hard, but Clayton is here to help you every step of the way… no matter what generation you’re in. So let’s find out why a Clayton Built® home is the perfect option for millennials.

Millennials have quite a bit of influence in many different industries as they begin to flex their buying power now that they have graduated college, entered the workforce or even started families of their own. They are taking pride in showing off their accomplishments and are ready to be independent.

Many millennials have noticed that rent rates are high, and that just doesn’t sit well with them. Why put large sums of money in someone else’s pocket for something that is never really yours? That just isn’t practical living. So, why not put your hard-earned money into something that’s beautiful, affordable and meets both your home wants and needs? In fact, nearly 70% of 2018 college graduates took out student loans and graduated with an average debt of $29,800.

So, let’s get into a few reasons why a Clayton Built® home is perfect for millennials and why they really shouldn’t push off home buying.

The Cost of Renting

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It’s no secret that the cost of renting is on the rise, but why is this the case? There has been a rapid increase in the desire for urban living which has put high demand on already dense populations and their resources.

This growing demand will continue to drive up costs, which will in turn push out current residents who can’t keep up with the inflated prices. Because of this, it is now more important than ever to have an affordable housing option to lean on… But, not just any housing option! The Clayton Built® team has created a variety of different manufactured and modular home models that meet not only your basics needs in a home but are also full of styles and features you never knew were possible.


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You hear us say that Clayton is an affordable housing option, but how do you know this is true? I’m here to break down exactly how we make our homes more affordable than traditional housing options, and how a Clayton Built® home can help break the cycle of renting that millennials continue to face.

The Clayton Built® team knows that every home buyer, no matter their stage in life, is on their own unique journey. That’s right, I’m talking about your financial journey. Everyone is different, and that’s why we wanted to first start by creating a broad range of homes with different sizes and price points.

Next, the Clayton Built® team knew they could increase savings for the home buyer if they developed a smarter building plan. We knew we could still provide homes with quality materials if we changed the way we bought them. Now, our Clayton builders purchase supplies in bulk to decrease our costs and allow a faster build time for our home buyers.

Smart Building – The Sustainable Way

A manufactured home builder working to recycle card board in a facility.

Buying in bulk isn’t the only way the Clayton Built® team saves when building our homes. We are seeing a generation that now more than ever values a more sustainable way of living, from the ground up. The Clayton team found that it was neither cost effective nor sustainable to continue to buy from certain materials distributors. That’s why we decided to just create these materials ourselves! By having our own internal supply chain, Clayton Supply, we are able to provide you the quality materials you need in a home, all while curating them in a more sustainable way.

But, the savings doesn’t end with just the building process. We wanted to extend it well after when you purchase your home. That’s why we began integrating eco-friendly features into our homes like the ecobee smart thermostat and ENERGY STAR® appliances to help you save throughout your regular day.

Our team knows the difficulties that can come with purchasing a home, especially for millennials. That’s why we want to be there for you every step up the way! Wondering which home is perfect for you? Check out our homes today!

To learn more about how millennials are choosing off-site built homes to achieve their dreams, check out “Off-site Built Homes: An Evolving Industry that Meets Today’s Affordable Housing Needs” provided by Next Step and Clayton.

**ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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