Wainscoting in Manufactured and Modular Homes

Adding wainscoting to your manufactured home living room, bathroom or dining room is a great way to add warmth and classic style! Check out wainscoting designs available in Clayton Built® homes!

Traditionally, wainscot served to make cold and drafty stone homes more insulated and comfortable. Today, these milled or custom made panels offer an elegant touch to any room!

And while many choose wainscoting for its decorative qualities, it also protects walls from scuffs and marks.

Made from premium plywood or even solid wood, store-bought wainscot can come with a clear coat over the paint so that it's easy to erase streaks or spots.

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Want to add your own color to create the home you've always wanted? Lots of wainscot is available unpainted, giving you the option to choose the right color and style for your manufactured home! There are several different types of wainscot, and you can use it in any room.

Here are 5 examples of different wainscoting designs in Clayton Built® homes to kickstart your inspiration!

5 Ways to Use Wainscoting In Your Home

1. Wainscot in Entryways and Mud Rooms

When kicking off shoes, shrugging coats and hanging up backpacks, things can get pretty messy in a mudroom or entryway.

Having wainscoting in these rooms makes cleaning up easy, and the warm contrast will immediately offer a welcoming feel for guests coming in.

In the manufactured homes that Clayton offers, the mudroom is the most common space where you'll find wainscoting!

2. Wainscot in Your Bathroom

SouthernHomes TheStockton Primary Bathroom 01

The flat texture of sinks, countertops and tile often give a cold feel to bathrooms. Classic beadboard wainscot around the bathroom adds warmth to the aesthetic while still offering superb protection from bathtub spills.

Contrasting tones in your wainscoting can also bring warmth and visual interest to your primary bathroom!

3. Wainscot in the Dining Room

Dining room with table and four chairs, window and white wainscoting.

When you have a separate dining room, or want to dress up the edge of an open kitchen design, wainscoting is the perfect way to add a formal touch.

4. Wainscot in the Living Room

Living room with couch, chair, coffee table and wainscoting.

When you're in the living room, you want to take a seat and relax. Having low, beaded and recessed wainscoting around the wall will draw the eyes down to your comfortable living room furniture and other statement pieces you have!

While beautiful, wainscoting in the living room will also help keep chairs, side tables and other furniture from damaging soft wall material!

5. Creative Wainscot Twist in Any Room!

Up until now, we have shown you the more traditional styles of white or one color wainscot, but the sky is the limit when thinking about personalizing your home!

You could even try mixing styles with shiplap and wainscoting. To make your manufactured or modular house your home, consider using corrugated metal, reclaimed wood or shiplap for a rustic look to customize it to your style!

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