Wainscoting in Manufactured and Modular Homes

Dining room of a Clayton Built® manufactured home featuring white wainscoting, blue, green and yellow decor and a dark wood table with 4 matching chairs.

Wainscoting is a great way to add warmth and a classic design touch to almost any space in your new manufactured or modular home. Let’s take a look at some inspiration for your living room, dining room and more.

There are a couple things about wainscoting I personally really like. First, it creates an elegant feeling that’s particularly nice if you want to get in on the grandmillenial decor trend. Second, it helps protect your walls from scuff marks made by furniture. Third, it’s really fun to say. But the best thing about it just might be how versatile this type of wall paneling is.

During the 18th century, wainscoting (or wainscot) was used to cover the bottom half of a wall and help insulate drafty stone homes. And while those classic white wooden panels are probably still the most common type, today’s wainscoting comes in a variety of materials and colors to suit your specific tastes.

If you’re looking for wainscoting in your new manufactured or modular home, Clayton offers models that incorporate different types in the dining room, bathroom and more. Or, if you have the DIY skills and really want a specific style, you can consider installing wainscoting yourself. So, let’s check out these examples of wainscoting in Clayton Built® homes to get some inspiration!

Entry of a Clayton Built® manufactured home with accent wall with shiplap wainscoting leading into a living room with chairs and kitchen is island and white cabinets behind it.

Wainscoting in Entryways and Mud Rooms

Things can get pretty messy in your entryway or mudroom. Backpacks and purses, dirty shoes, items for pets and even the kids’ sports equipment can all ding up your walls, but having wainscoting in your drop zone helps make cleaning up easy. Plus, it instantly adds texture and dimension, which will create a welcoming feel right when you step into your home. This is especially true if the wainscoting has the vertical lines of beadboard or is part of an accent wall!

Wainscoting in the Bathroom

The primary bathroom of you home should be your No. 1 place to enjoy getting ready in the mornings or relax after a long day. But all that tile and porcelain can leave your space feeling cold instead of cozy. Wainscoting can add warmth to your bathroom, and it also can work as a starting point for your personal decor. For example, if you’re all about that farmhouse life, shiplap wainscoting is the perfect backdrop for other rustic accents to help you easily create a more cohesive look.

Living room of a Clayton Built® manufactured home with white wainscoting built into an accent wall with photos, a blue and yellow armchair, a beige couch and a wooden coffee table with white vases and plants.

Wainscoting in the Living Room

If you’re going to make a home decor statement, it’s probably going to be with your living room. So, whether you really go for traditional style or prefer a more modern, minimalist look, wainscoting can highlight both your wall art and your furniture pieces. And if you move furniture around for events like family movie nights or big football games, it’ll also help keep your chairs, couches and side tables from damaging your wall material.

Wainscoting in the Dining Room

Do you have a separate dining room, an open kitchen layout or even a breakfast nook? Wainscoting can add that formal touch to any of these spaces and makes them a classic place to gather for meals or entertain guests. Of course, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring either. We’ve talked about beadboard or shiplap, but what about colored wainscoting? If you love those trendy shades of blue and green, paneling lets you add a pop of color without the hassle of having to paint the whole room. And it’ll definitely make a great conversation starter!

Close-up of dark blue-gray wainscoting with vertical lines separating the panels, with a white wall above it.

When you’re choosing a home, we know the features and style it has are often a key deciding factor as you start thinking about how you’d personalize your new space. Wainscoting is just one of the many ways Clayton helps you do that! In our manufactured and modular homes, you’ll find built-in details that are absolutely designed to make decorating easier from the day you move in, from storage shelves and bookcases to accent walls and office nooks.

If you’re ready to see more of everything Clayton Built® homes have to offer, check out our Get Inspired page today. You can browse different rooms, home models in your area and even 3D tours.

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