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Design Trends to Look for in 2021

Samples of colors and materials that are trending in 2021 manufactured home design.
Find out which colors, materials and styles are leading the 2021 design trends and learn how to incorporate them into your home.

During 2020, we all spent a lot more time at home than we had planned. With all that time, maybe you’ve been dreaming about new colors for your walls, a gourmet kitchen with plenty of space or a flex room to give you even more options. Maybe you’ve decided you’re ready to change up your style or maybe you found it’s time for a new home that fits all your needs better. Whether you’re looking to add new style trends to your current space or starting your wish list for your new dream home, we got the inside scoop from Clayton's Home Innovation Lab on the hottest trends in home design for 2021.

This might just be the most exciting design trend reveal we’ve ever had. We’re going to unpack the trends, from bold colors and patterns that add a personalized touch to your space, to earth tones and natural elements you’ll find in a variety of popular homes styles.

2021 Design Trends Social Stop Motion Gold Bowl 01

The Colors of 2021

Let’s begin with color trends. We have 3 specific picks that are going to be the colors of the year, and you can find them used throughout Clayton Built® homes in various ways. We will also share ways to add these shades to your current home’s style.

Black is the new Black

You will see bold touches of black strategically accented throughout some of our Clayton Built® home models. One example is the black DuraCraft® cabinets you will find in some kitchens and bathrooms, which adds depth and dimension to the home’s overall look.

Blues of Every Shade

A lot of home decor this year will have a variety of blue tones to add a warm and calming aesthetic to your home. Trending tones include navy, midnight blues, powder blues, aquas and teals, especially when accented with clay or terracotta. Popular ways to add these shades to your home style is through accent rugs, textiles like blankets or throw pillows and deep pigment paint colors.

Green – A Brilliant Choice

We’ve been seeing this color become more and more popular over the last couple of years and it continues to be a beautiful base for many styles of home decor. You will see it rise in popularity even more this year with shades like khaki green, sage green, eucalyptus and bold pops of emerald. The light shade of natural sage green is particularly timeless and neutral, making it a great base wall color. These shades of green also layer beautifully, especially when mixed with patterns or textures. That’s why we are especially excited to announce a new DuraCraft® cabinet color in clover green, which gives rooms a soft touch of color and looks beautiful paired with white, cream and natural wood.

Bathroom vanity of a manufactured home with wood trimmed mirrors and copper accent pieces.

Copper and Wood in the 2021 Aesthetic

During this past year, antimicrobial products have been top of mind for many people. This includes the rising popularity of copper, a natural antimicrobial. So, it’s no surprise that you will find copper implemented throughout home design in various ways, especially in kitchens, bathrooms and door hardware. Copper finishes will be making more appearances in decorative stove hoods, backsplashes, light fixtures and general home decor accent pieces. And if the idea of antimicrobial products is appealing to you, then you will also be happy to hear new Clayton Built® homes now feature Kwikset® door hardware that offers Microban® finishes to help inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Another popular element you will see more of this year, and with an even bigger focus than before, is the use of natural wood features in home design and decor. You’ve seen wood accent features like shiplap and wood ceiling beams in the past, especially in farmhouse style homes. This trend will not only continue, but it will be integrated in more home styles to bring texture and a natural element while also adding dimension.

Home office nook in a manufactured home featuring color and patterns inspired by 2021 design trends.

Rooms of Focus

Did you suddenly have a need for a home office or a drop zone this past year? Flex spaces have become not only a high demand feature but a necessity as many people have found a need for space to work or study at home and you’ll be seeing more of these spaces in new Clayton Built® home models. You can find workspaces strategically integrated into our home floor plan designs in various ways, such as built-in nooks.

Multi-functional laundry rooms have also climbed high on the list of rooms families are looking for in a home. You will see some laundry room features, such as convenient drop zones, washing stations and even home office nooks, become more popular during 2021.

Living room of a manufactured home featuring earth tone decor found in 2021 popular design trends.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to reveal the most trending home styles to look for in 2021! While farmhouse has been a longtime fan favorite, we’re seeing a strong wind blowing from a different direction and everyone is going crazy over these looks. Let’s take a look at each one!

The New Traditional

This look is inspired by the grandmillennial trend that has been rising in popularity and features nostalgic home design through classic furniture pieces. The biggest statement in the new traditional style comes out through the bold colors and patterns. Wallpaper is back! Yes, you heard me right, wallpaper is back in style, but in a bold, fun new way! Let me set the scene - Imagine a room that has an accent wall with a bold, color-popping pattern of emerald greens and midnight blues, clean, crisp trim and an accent rug that pulls out complimentary tones in the room, topped off with elegant side tables.

Cottage Craftsman

This style is as cozy as it sounds! You can feel like you live in a vacation getaway all year long with these hideaway vibes. With natural colors and nature inspired accents, you will have a real sense of comfort all throughout this look.

2021 Design Trends Social Stop Motion Wallpaper 01

Art Deco Revival

If you want some home decor eye candy, then you’ll fall in love with the art deco revival style! This sophisticated and classy look is a cleaned up glam with timeless touches. You’ll see the bold pattern wallpaper again as it features deco motif patterns paired with other textile patterns throughout for a unique layered look.

Global Influence

Have you missed traveling? If so, this style is a way to take you wherever you want to go without leaving home. This look features mixtures of historic and cultural inspired decor through accent pieces, styles of furniture, fixtures and art in styles such as feng shui, tribal prints or modern European, depending on the look you are going for. This is an excellent way to display and incorporate treasures from your own travels.

Now that you’ve had a little sneak peek into the styles and trends of 2021, you can follow these trends and see more examples by checking out our design trends Pinterest board. You can also start saving your favorite looks and styles to your favorites account for your Clayton Built® dream home!


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