Introducing NXT Homes: Innovation & Style

Check out NXT Homes — Clayton's newest high quality, affordable option for new home buyers. Completely designed with innovation, style and customer experience in mind.

Clayton has long been thinking outside the box on how off-site built homes are made and viewed. They’ve come a long way and we are proud to offer high quality, affordable options for new home buyers.

What are NXT homes?

Our latest and greatest stride, the brand-new NXT home series currently includes several home models, all designed with style, innovation and customer experience in mind.

Manufactured home living room with grey couches, coffered ceilings and a round hanging mirror.

We want your experience with NXT to be unlike any other home buying experience.

Once you’ve done your research and have fallen in love with all the features that these homes have to offer, your next step will be to find a NXT authorized home center near you.

Once you’ve visited your NXT authorized home center, you can move forward on your home buying journey with an exclusive look at what goes into the home building process. Customers purchasing a NXT home have the opportunity to tour our home building facility in Athens, TX, giving them the insider scoop on how their home is built from start to finish.

Innovation in Prefab Homes

The NXT home series speaks volumes to how innovation in prefab homes is nothing short of Prefabulous®. From smart home technology to high quality, durable home features, NXT leaves nothing to be desired when planning for your dream home.

Smart Thermostat: ecobee

Person adjusting their smart thermostat inside a manufactured home.

NXT and Clayton Built® homes will now exclusively feature ecobee smart thermostats. These incredible devices are designed to work with home automation hubs, room sensors* and even your smart phone to make controlling the temperature in your home easy. This can also help with energy efficiency and save you money. Changing the temperature from the couch when your feet get cold? Yes, please.

*Room sensors and home automation hubs are not included in the purchase of your home but can be purchased separately to suit your needs.

Black Stainless Steel Frigidaire®* Appliances

Manufactured home kitchen featuring a large island and double door fridge.

Remember when we said that NXT homes were the epitome of style and innovation? The black stainless steel Frigidaire® appliances featured in these homes are a perfect example of that. The sleek appearance of these appliances will make them a focal point for your kitchen.

*Trademarks of companies other than Clayton are the property of those other companies

NuTone® Knock™ Smart Video Doorbell

Smart video doorbell with a sleek black look on the side of a manufactured home.

Another incredible smart home feature in the NXT homes is the NuTone® Knock™ Smart Video Doorbell. These weatherproof doorbells offer night vision, motion sensors and notifications when someone approaches your home. These doorbells on NXT homes offer homeowners the ability to not only see who is at your door but hear and speak back to them as well. You can also activate the Do Not Disturb Feature which lets you set quiet hours!

Say goodbye to your home security worries, package theft, missed visitors, woken babies and more!


Hand putting DuraCraft logo sign on light colored cabinet.

DuraCraft® cabinets come standard in the NXT home models. These cabinets are water-resistant, scratch-resistant and durable, making them also toddler-resistant, puppy-resistant and a great addition to your kitchen. The DuraCraft® cabinets featured in these homes have it all, offering American craftsmanship, European technology and affordability.

The NXT series of homes offers something for everyone. Several innovative, stylish models are available now. We’re building your next home, together.

*Trademarks of companies other than Clayton are the property of those other companies

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