Keep it Simple with Our New Home Buyer Checklist

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Tackle the process of home buying one step at a time with our New Home Buyers Checklist.

All right, it’s time to begin the home buying journey! Whether you’re a repeat home buyer, or this is your first time, it’s an exciting milestone in your life.

While the excitement is great, home buyers can easily be discouraged by the so-called “daunting” buying process. Now, we think that’s silly! Home buying is so much more than filling out paperwork and cutting big checks.

I know, I know. It’s a lot to cover! That’s why the Clayton Built® team wanted to help you streamline your journey to a brand-new home, while still making sure you understand every step along the way. That’s why we created the Home Buyers Checklist! Let’s keep track of all the important parts of your journey.


Finding and Selecting Your Dream Home

Instead of just dreaming of your new home, take the steps to begin making your dream a reality!

1. Browse floor plans available in your area to get an idea of which homes you might be interested in. 2. Contact us to request more information and/or schedule a visit with your local home center. 3. Visit your chosen home center and meet your home consultant. This person will be your go-to guide to answer any questions that may come up. Here, we’ll get to know you and you will get a chance to tell us what you like! This may include home size preferences, number of bedrooms, styles and customization options. 4. Learn what you may be able to afford by completing our budgeting worksheet.

Choose a Lender and Finalize Your Home Purchase

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The next stage in your journey home is to get financing for your home and finalize your purchase by completing these steps:

  1. Look at land, if you do not already own land for your home, and choose your home site property. Once you find a property for your home site, you will also need to have a contractor perform a property assessment. If you don’t own land, our experienced home consultants can help you work with a local real estate agent to find the perfect property for your new home.
  2. Next, select a lender and complete the loan application process. You will need to submit a loan application to the lenders of your choice as well as financial information the lender may require.
  3. After you choose your final floor plan, your home center will send your specifications to the home building facility to obtain a build quote.
  4. While the sales process is being completed, the lender you select will be working on underwriting the loan you have applied for. Every lender’s process varies, but depending on the loan program you have applied for, generally each lender will obtain an appraisal, a title search, a flood determination and survey for your new home.
  5. While you wait for your lender to complete underwriting your loan application, you may want to begin applying for any necessary permits, such as septic and building permits. The permits you need can vary by location, but your home consultant can help figure out what permits may you need.
  6. Once you receive the build quote from the home builder and loan approval from the lender you have selected, your home consultant will discuss the final home purchase price with you. Once a sales price is agreed upon, you will sign your purchase and sales agreement. At this time, a deposit on your new home purchase is typically required.
  7. Finally, if all conditions are satisfied and your lender provides the final loan approval to proceed to closing, the lender will arrange to complete the closing and your new home financing process will be complete.

Have it made®

Your home consultant will now submit your home order to the building facility to start building your new home! During this time, review your home warranty with your home consultant to make sure you understand what’s covered and what isn’t.

Bring it Home

Man laying foundation for a manufactured home.

Now for the exciting part!

  1. After your home is built in one of our home building facilities, the on-site installation construction process of your home will occur. Your new home will be transported from the home builder to the home site. Installation construction crews will complete the on-site construction of your brand-new home.
  2. Complete the final walk-through of your home with either your home consultant or another representative from your home center. At this time, your project manager will complete the Home Setup Inspection form, which is a checklist of what will be inspected by you and the project manager prior to your move-in. You will then receive your home buyers packet information and appliance information.

Cue the drum roll! You have now received the keys to your brand-new Clayton Built® home! The journey can be long, but trust me, it’s worth it. Now you get to make your home your own with your own style and finishing touches. Interested in looking at our homes on a more virtual level? Check out the interactive floor plan today!

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