Manufactured Home Delivery

Manufactured Home Delivery

Watch these videos, and learn more about how your manufactured home will be delivered and completed on your home site.

The only thing that is more exciting than picking out the home of your dreams is seeing it be delivered and set up on your land. However, there are steps that must be taken before that can happen.

While your home is being built inside one of our climate controlled home building facilities, you'll be working with your home consultant to make sure your land is ready for your home to be delivered.

The next thing you need to do is find out whether or not you're responsible for preparing your land for home delivery or if your home center can take care of this for you. Talk to your friendly home consultant to make sure you understand what your responsibilities are and what the home center will take care of for you.

Most home centers will handle hiring site preparation and on-site completion of construction crews for you. If your home center does not hire out on-site completion of construction crews, they can provide you with a list of local contractors that are familiar with our homes and guide you through your site prep journey. Overall, you and your home consultant will work together to ensure all requirements are met and the delivery of your home and on-site completion of construction all go smoothly!


Before the contractor begins land preparation, there are a few things that you can do to make sure they can get to your land easily. Be sure to let the contractor know ahead of time if they’ll have to:

  • Avoid trees, brush, fences or other obstacles
  • Avoid low hanging power lines or an underpass
  • Drive on narrow roads with tight corners
  • Cross someone else’s land to get to yours

You’ll also work with the on-site completion of construction crew to plan the delivery of your home and determine the layout of the home on your land. Once you and your crew have determined that your land is accessible for home delivery, land preparation can begin!


Site Prep

The first thing the contractor does when preparing your land is make sure it is level and compacted. Your contractor will also make sure your land is crowned for proper drainage, meaning that the ground slopes away from the home on all sides to prevent any water from accumulating under the home.

At this time your home center will also:

  • Check the soil type
  • Determine the frost line
  • Ensure ground anchors will be used

After everything is verified, the foundation can then be constructed!

A common foundation used for manufactured homes is the pier and beam system. In this system, footers are dug and filled with cement to create support for the piers to provide structural stability.

A reinforced vapor barrier is placed on top of the footers for added protection from pest and allergens. The solid steel frame on your home provides the beams that complete the pier and beam system.

You will also need to arrange for a separate contractor to dig for and install your septic system as well as complete the utility prep work. Once all of this is complete, it will be time for your home to be delivered!



Before your new Clayton Built® manufactured home is delivered to your home site, you'll have the opportunity to do a walkthrough. If there are any concerns, your home consultant will work with the home building facility to resolve them quickly so your home can be delivered.

Once your home has arrived at the home site, the on-site completion of construction crew will place it on the foundation with a jack and rolling system or by craning it onto the foundation. The home is then evaluated to make sure that weight is distributed evenly across the pier and beam or other foundation system. The home is then anchored with tie downs, and securely joined together if the home in multi-section. The tie downs and anchor system will help stabilize your home against wind.

To complete the on-site installation construction process, your crew will:

  • Connect utilities
  • Test hookups
  • Install appliances and home equipment not already installed
  • Complete interior touch-ups
  • Install exterior skirting if you choose to add skirting.

Once your on-site construction crew has finished, you will receive the keys to your dream home and your family will be ready to move in!

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