How Manufactured Homes Are Tied Down

How Manufactured Homes Are Tied Down

Manufactured homes are safe against winds because of wonderful foundation systems built with anchors and steel straps! Learn more...

Part of your manufactured home building and placement process is installing systems in your home's foundation to help protect your home against wind forces!

The type of foundation (pier and beam, concrete slab, etc.) that your manufactured home requires determines the type of anchoring system your home builder will use and install to protect against the wind.

For the common pier and beam foundation, the wind stabilizing system consists of anchors and steel straps and sometimes stabilizer plates. If all three are used together, contractors and engineers call this a tie down.

How Do Engineers Determine Your Foundation System Type?

Manufactured homes with a pier and beam foundation are anchored to the ground to help protect against wind.

However, different types of homes have specific anchoring requirements which your home installers will follow. The anchoring requirements depend on:

  • The wind zone where your home is placed
  • The dimensions of your home
  • The spacing of the beams on the steel frame of your home
  • The type of soil where your home is placed
  • The height from the ground anchor to the steel strap attachment point

How Is The Anchoring System Installed?

Anchors are driven into the ground to hold your home down against wind forces. They go into the ground first and then steel straps are attached. The straps connect the anchors to a main I-beam on your home’s steel frame.

About the Anchors and Straps

They sometimes have stabilizer plates which prevent the top of your ground anchor from driving down into the earth with the weight of the home.

Anchors and straps are placed all around your home’s frame. Depending on your wind zone, additional anchors and straps could be placed around your home’s frame.

For instance, additional anchors and straps may be required along your marriage line wall if you have a double wide or triple wide home. If your home comes with a porch, some of the porch’s posts will also be tied down.

And those are the basics of how a manufactured home is tied down to protect the home against wind forces for safety.

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