How Are Off-site Built Homes Constructed?

Trained builder at a manufactured home building facility cutting lumber that is used to build a manufactured home.

Have you ever wondered how an off-site built home is constructed? How do you get from a stack of lumber to a complete home? This is how many of the home building facilities do it.

Step 1. The Beginning of The Home Building Process

The whole prefab home building process begins with a steel frame, which is welded on-site. Concrete is then poured over the base of the steel frame creating a strong off-site built home foundation system. Once the frame is in place, layers of insulation are added before the flooring system and plumbing are installed.

The wooden floor frame and plumbing are assembled together. Once this floor frame is complete, the home moves to the next station on a track system.

Step 2. Home Flooring and Wall Framing

Next, the floor frame is dressed in flooring finishes, like laminate or wood, specified to your liking. Each home building facility is equipped with a team that puts an emphasis on home customization. You may choose from several flooring options provided by our many brands, and our trained craftsman will build your home according to your style.

In an adjacent aisle, trained craftsmen build thick interior and exterior walls. Once complete, interior walls are installed first, then cabinets and appliances, and finally exterior walls are lifted into place by a track system in the ceiling.

Step 3. Topping It Off With Home Roof Construction

Now the home needs a roof system. For doublewide off-site built homes, each side of the truss system is sealed, and insulation is blown into the ceiling cavity. Once the ceiling is painted, the entire roof structure is lifted and connected to the top of the home.

Trained builder at a manufactured home building facility installing insulation into the roof of a manufactured home.

The insulation made for off-site built homes allows for our Clayton Built® homes to be very energy efficient. These cost-saving elements are what help affordable prefab homes continue to save you money throughout homeownership.

Step 4. Home Siding and Interior Touches

Now that all the pieces are together, it's all hands on deck. A team will add roofing tiles, hand placed siding, install doors and windows and wrap the exterior of the home. While all of this is going on, the inside of the home really starts to take shape!

When you walk into the home at this phase, it looks similar to an on-site built house under construction. This is also where the custom features start to shape the uniqueness of the home. Each individual home is never the same and is built for someone specific - meaning your interior design requests are what really makes the home yours.

Each home is built as one unit even though it will travel in pieces. This helps ensure that the walls, flooring and other important home pieces all line up.

Once everything has been installed and painted, it's time to clean up. Very little waste accumulates during the whole process, which gets recycled.

Step 5. Safety and Standard Inspections

Each facility has their own checks and balances to ensure that every home that leaves the facility is safe and quality assured. These off-site built home inspections consist of different members checking to make sure each nut and bolt of your home is exactly the way it should be.

Each time a home makes it to a new station, the teams will evaluate its progress. This is a great way to ensure a quality home is built and shows the pride our trained craftsmen take in their work.

After this whole process has been finished, each home is then sent to the home center from which it was purchased before it is delivered to the new homeowners. And, that is the process of building a Prefabulous® home.

 A Clayton homes transportation truck is hauling a Clayton Built® manufactured home to a homeowner location.

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