Where are Clayton Homes Built?

Exterior of a Clayton home building facility, with flags and trees in front

We take a look inside Clayton’s home building facilities, where our manufactured and modular homes are constructed.

You may already know that off-site built homes are built indoors and then delivered so the finishing touches can take place before move-in day. But have you ever wondered about the facilities where Clayton homes are built? We’ll give you an overview of the manufactured and modular home construction process and how our facilities make it all happen.

How do Clayton’s facilities build homes?

Overall, building a manufactured home isn’t really all that different from building a traditional site-built home. Once the home buyer has completed their home purchase by signing the purchase and sales agreement and putting down a deposit, the home center sends the order for the home to the facility that’s building it.

At the home building facility, team members first assemble the home’s frame, then add the insulation, plumbing and flooring. Next comes the interior and exterior walls, followed by appliances, cabinets and wiring. Then the home is ready for its roof, siding, doors and windows.

Once the home is built, it’s then ready to be delivered to the home site, whether that’s land owned by the home buyer or rented in a community. There, the home is set up on its foundation, and any final details like connecting utilities and installing skirting can take place before the homeowner moves in.

So, as you can see, our home building facilities are a huge part of what we do at Clayton every day!

Clayton team member in a gray sweatshirt moves part of a manufactured home inside a home building facility.

Why are manufactured homes built inside?

Now you might be wondering, why do we build our homes indoors in the first place? Well, it can be both faster and more affordable for several different reasons. First, building inside means Clayton has more control over the entire construction process and fewer delays for things like bad weather or cold temperatures.

We’re also able to use a more streamlined building process than you typically see with site-built homes. Manufactured homes tend to have more standard designs and layouts, which means we can usually build them more quickly.

And because we know which materials we’ll be using and how much of them we’ll need, we can order things like siding, sheetrock and lumber in bulk. We also have facilities that build some items like roof trusses, cabinets and windows as part of our internal supply chain, Clayton Supply. All of this saves Clayton time and money.

Our construction process also means there’s less waste, and we can recycle materials like cardboard, paper, aluminum, plastic and lumber. In fact, all of Clayton’s home building facilities are ISO 14001:2015 certified, which means they meet international standards for energy management through efforts like improved dust control, waste management and recycling.

Everything inside of our facilities comes together to help make our manufactured and modular homes more attainable for home buyers.

Clayton team member wearing a gray T-shirt and a hardhat builds a cabinet inside of a manufactured home building facility

Clayton currently has 40 home building facilities that are located across the country, where our team members work on our homes from start to finish. They also coordinate closely with our home centers on orders for homes and to ensure that our customers find the features and options they’re looking for. The exact home models Clayton’s facilities build can also depend on where they are, because available home building materials and popular home styles vary by region.

Are you interested in learning more about how Clayton homes are built? You can head over to the home building section of our Studio blog below to see info about our construction process, the brands we partner with, energy-efficient home features and more.

ISO is the registered trademark of the International Organization for Standards.

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