Where are Clayton Built® Homes Actually Built?

 The outside of a Clayton Bult® building facility.

You deserve to know where your home is coming from, and that’s why we want to be completely transparent about where our amazing homes are built.

So, you already know what Clayton is all about. You picked out your perfect off-site built home, it’s manufactured in a facility and then transported to your chosen destination. But, have you wondered what really goes on in between those steps?

I’m talking about building the home itself, and more specifically, where your home is being built.

We always show off our beautiful and durable homes, so let’s change it up a bit and shine the spotlight on where these homes begin.

Why Build Indoors?

Within our 40 climate-controlled building facilities across America, we want to make sure there are homes available from coast to coast. But, how is the Clayton Built® team going to make these homes in a sustainable way and in a timely manner?

Man standing on the roof of a manufactured home in a building facility.

That’s when we decided to bring the whole operation indoors. By building indoors, our skilled workers are able to take control of the entire building process AND ensure a quality product. Let’s take a look at the four key benefits of building in a facility:

  1. There are multiple internal inspections for quality assurance that are conducted during the building process. We want you to have peace of mind by knowing your home has met hard-to-please inspectors’ expectations for HUD Code compliance, quality and safety.
  2. Building indoors lets us minimize weather delays so we can continue building each day and deliver your quickly.
  3. We have a streamlined building process which lets us build more homes and plan for those homes in advance. In turn, this allows us to purchase building materials in bulk at precise measurements, so we can reduce the time and cost of building new homes. A streamlined building process results in more affordable homes.
  4. Almost all of our Clayton home building facilities are ISO 14001 registered, which means these facilities will meet international standards for energy management through building process enhancements like improved dust control, waste management and recycling efforts.

Where Are Clayton’s Facilities Located?

Map of all the manufactured home building facilities across America.

Now that you know the ins and outs of where a Clayton Built® home is made, let’s talk about where these facilities are located!

As you can see, we have multiple building facilities across the nation, mainly concentrated around the southeast. So, you’re looking at this map and wondering how you’re going to get a Clayton Built® home to your location if you live far away from a facility?

That’s no problem! When you talk to an agent at your home center, they’ll inform you all about how easy and how far we transport our homes.

Right about now I’m sure you are SO ready to see inside of these awesome building facilities! That’s why the Clayton Built® team created the interactive facility tour that allows you to virtually walk through one of our building facilities. So, are you ready to dive into the Clayton building process?

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