How to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy

Keeping your manufactured home clean helps keep you and your family healthy! Here are a few tips, from pest prevention to easy ways to prevent mold!

Today's world is more and more health conscious. Eating better and exercising more makes you healthier and happier! But have you considered how the interior of your home contributes to your health?

No matter what kind of home you have or where you live, your home could be inviting in pests, giving off chemicals or making you sneeze.

None of these things impose an immediate danger to your health, but little things can add up over time. So what can you do to improve your home's health and your own well-being for the long term?

Get Pests Under Control

Use few to no harmful chemicals to prevent bugs inside your home. Instead, use natural methods to prevent bugs indoors and take a step toward having a healthier home.

For you gardeners out there, you can keep mosquitoes, flies, and other insects away by growing rosemary inside or even basil and catnip! These healthy plants for your home will look beautiful while helping deter pesky insects. How does it work? These plants have a pleasant smell to us, but to harmful insects they are less nice.

Outside, try planting flowers. Flowers will attract bees, which are predatory and beneficial insects that will attack the bugs trying to get into your house. Most bugs are trying to get to your food. Keep your food in tightly closed containers to deter persistent pests. Clear your counters of sticky residue and crumbs, so bugs don't have an incentive to invade in the first place.

Reduce Harmful Chemicals

Have you ever walked into a brand new store and soon developed a headache? That's because the furniture, shelves and other painted surfaces in the store may be covered with cheap paint that "off-gas." Some furniture finishes and paints can take up to 2 years to off-gas!

When remodeling or buying new furniture, find paint that is labeled as "No VOC." Although conventional paint isn't likely to cause permanent damage, VOC paints can cause you to feel sick and make you feel sluggish. Small children and pets are especially susceptible to these harmful effects.

Other chemicals to avoid include those in some cleaning materials. Opt for all natural cleaners made with ingredient like baking soda, vinegar and essential oils that won't harm your children or pets. Using homemade cleaners can even be cheaper than the store-bought kind. This blog post from Keeper of the Home is a great place to get started.

Plants In Your Home

Two plants in terra cotta pots in a windowsill Cleaning and freeing your home of pests will contribute to improving the air quality. Plants are another great addition to ensure you're breathing clean air. Plants can absorb toxins. Look at these 13 plants that are visually appealing and effective in cleansing the air around you. Plants in your home can clean the air of formaldehyde (found in several cleaning materials), pollen and even some of those VOC paint fumes.

Watch For Mold

Mold is a natural occurrence, but many people are allergic to mold. Plus who likes to smell mold? No one. To combat mold, make sure that spills and wet spots are cleaned up immediately.

Common places that harbors mold include bathrooms, under your kitchen sink and spots where your roof leaks. These areas often dampen but never dry fully. So make sure to dry water that falls on the floor and tightly seal roofs and windows.

There are also other mold prevention methods like air circulation and moisture meters. This article is not by any means a comprehensive list of everything you can do to make your home healthier. It is, however, a list of some ways to get started!




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