How to Clean to Protect Your HVAC System

Man dusting a ceiling fan in a manufactured home.

Cleaning your new home can help protect your HVAC system so it can run effectively. Plus, get other HVAC maintenance tips for your manufactured home!

Keeping your new manufactured home clean is more than just keeping it tidy—it also helps your manufactured home HVAC air systems work properly. If you’re wondering what maintenance to do on your new manufactured home, check out these tips on how to keep everything clean and working properly.

Tips For Moving In

When you first move into your new manufactured home, there may still be dust settling from final touch ups. The set up and installation crew should clean your home after final touches, but as a new homeowner, you should thoroughly clean your new home so that your air filters will not get clogged up with dirt and debris immediately.

  • Vacuum all carpets and clean all hard surface flooring
  • Wipe down your baseboards
  • Dust off ceiling fans, cabinets and built-in storage in your home
  • Wipe off product wrapping residue from any appliances, cabinets, hardware or home items that may have had product wrapping
  • Wipe down windows and windowsills

Tips for Manufactured Home HVAC Systems

  • Know if your heating/cooling system is either a gas, electric or fuel oil system because this can alter your maintenance schedule and needs.
  • The thermostat control of the furnace can be set to maintain your desired comfortable temperature. Special attention should be given to its regulation.

Tips for AC Maintenance

You will likely find your AC coils with your air filter and furnace in your utility closet. Use the following tips to keep your AC system in top shape.

  • Before turning on your new home HVAC system, be sure to read all instructions provided by the HVAC manufacturer, including those for air filter maintenance.
  • Replace or clean your air filter per the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Cleaning or replacing air filters once a month is a good suggested schedule.
  • Clean reusable air filters by removing and flushing them thoroughly with water from a hose or tap. Hot water and detergent can be used if necessary.
  • Cooling your home below 76 degrees F could increase your chances of developing moisture related problems in your home
  • Set your air conditioner’s temperature to a level that lets it run for long periods of time instead of stopping and starting several times per hour. When you let your AC unit run longer, it will condition your air by pulling excess humidity from the air. However, if you run it lower than 76 degrees F, it will have shorter run times and won’t condition your air.
  • Check your breaker if your unit is having operating issues. If the breaker has tripped and you cannot determine the reason, contact a service representative for the manufacturer.

Tips for Manufactured Home Furnace Maintenance

  • Filters should be kept clean by washing or replacing them per the manufactures instructions.
  • A heating service representative should perform maintenance on your furnace once a year and make any necessary repairs.
  • Gas Furnace Maintenance: A qualified service representative should inspect the furnace for leaks and other possible problems.
  • Oil Furnace Maintenance: Check to make sure your fuel tank is positioned so that it can be kept clean and free from moisture. Your fuel tank should be drained to remove water and dirt particles if it accumulates, and the tank should be kept as full of oil as possible to eliminate excessive condensation. Additionally, we recommend wrapping exposed fuel lines with insulating material.

Your beautiful, new manufactured home HVAC system should run smoothly as long as you follow these tips from your homeowner’s manual! Keeping your manufactured home HVAC system clean and maintained will allow your home to last so that you can make lifelong memories.

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