Home Care Guide: Taking Care of Prefab Home Windows and Doors

Learn how to properly care for the windows and doors of a manufactured home.

One thing you may not think about when it comes to manufactured or modular home maintenance is taking care of the windows and doors. It's important to take care of these so that you can fully enjoy your home.

Whether you're entering and exiting your home, or just trying to let in a little crisp fall air, you should follow these tips on how to take care of your windows and doors in your manufactured or modular home.


Taking Care of Manufactured Home Windows

Your windows are often a key feature that you will love in your home. Coming in a variety of types, your manufactured home windows will typically remain standard sizes. There are a few different things you can do to take care of your manufactured home windows.

Check out these quick tips to take care of your windows:

  • Check periodically to make sure the latches on your windows are adjusted as needed.
  • Once a year, lubricate the window guides with a silicone spray to keep your windows from sticking or making them hard to open.
  • Inspect the outside window frames for any damages that may occur over time due to weather.

Following these simple steps will keep your manufactured windows in good quality.

How to Take Care of Your Manufactured Home Doors

prefabricate home doors

Taking care of the doors in your home is also essential to maintaining the quality of your home and your safety. During the building process, your exterior doors are installed with a certain amount of clearance on all sides. The clearance is also filled with flexible weather stripping to help maintain your doors.

In most cases, your home will have a minimum of two doors that are remote from each other and provide an outlet to the outside of your home.

One way manufactured and modular homes differ is the minimum requirement of how many doors the home will have. Manufactured homes feature a minimum of two exterior doors whereas modular homes feature a minimum of one exterior door. However, this does not mean your home cannot have more exterior doors. These are just the minimum requirements that are met.

It is also important to note exactly how your doors open and close. Some doors open with a hinge, while other doors open using a sliding track. Once you're in your home, make sure everyone in your family understands how the doors open and close properly.

Another way to ensure your safety with your manufactured home doors is to always make sure that access to exterior doors is never blocked. This will keep your family safe and relieve you of any annoying roadblocks when you're leaving your home in a hurry.

Maintaining your home windows and doors is just one of many ways to keep your home in good working order. For more ways to stay on top of home maintenance, check out our Home Care Guide tips.




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