Home Care Guide: Maintenance Tips for Your Manufactured Home

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We’ve created this manufactured home maintenance checklist to answer all of your questions when it comes to routine upkeep. Check it out to learn how to care for all the corners of your home, inside and out.

Caring for a home, whether old or new, can sometimes feel like a lot of work. But the Clayton team is here to make it easier with this guide to maintaining the different areas of your home. We may not be able to mop your floors or wipe your countertops down for you, but we can arm you with all the information you need to make sure your home is in tip-top shape.

Before we get started, let’s talk a little about why home maintenance is important. From move-in day to all the memories and years to come, you want to enjoy, take pride in and be comfortable in your home. Regular cleaning and maintenance help preserve your space. If you keep your home well cared for, it can last longer and need fewer repairs, replacements or upgrades through the years, potentially saving you money.

Maintaining your home can also help it hold its value over time, which could help you build equity. And it’s not just about curb appeal, although that helps. The interior fixtures, systems and features also need routine care. If you ever decide to move or buy another home, selling your current home is typically easier if the buyers knows that the home needs minimal work and is ready to move into.

Let’s dive into these helpful tips on what regular maintenance includes. From your home’s roof to its foundation, we have you covered.

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Manufactured Home Systems Maintenance

It’s easy to take our home’s systems for granted when most of them are behind the scenes (and the walls). When we flip a light switch or turn on a tap, we expect them to work instantly. But just because these systems are working in the background to keep us comfortable doesn’t mean you should skip cleaning and maintaining them.

Check out these posts and videos to learn the best way to care for the main systems for your home:

Manufactured Home Interior Maintenance

This is where that day-to-day life and regular care meet. Cleaning and maintenance keep your home functional and help prevent potential issues caused by moisture, pests, outside elements and more. Whether you are having guests over or just relaxing by yourself, these tips will make your home a welcoming place.

Check out these posts and videos to learn the best way to care for the inside of your home:

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Manufactured Home Exterior Maintenance

Here is where we focus on that curb appeal. The outside of your home is what everyone sees when they drive up or pass by on the street. Weather, time and other factors can impact your exterior. From lawn care to refreshing your siding, we have tips to help you keep your home sparkling.

Check out these posts and videos to learn the best way to care for the outside of your home:

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Other Helpful Home Care Tips

Looking for even more maintenance tips and tricks? We have your back. Whether you want a breakdown of smaller tasks like how to change your light bulbs or have questions about your Clayton limited home warranty, we want you to feel confident as a homeowner.

Check out these posts and videos to learn more ways to care for your home:

And there you have it! Upkeep for your Clayton home has never been easier to keep track of — though, unfortunately, we all still have to mop our own floors. And to learn about homeownership and read testimonials from Clayton customers, you can browse the Homeownership section of our Studio blog.

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