Home Care Guide: How to Maintain Concrete Surfaces

Home Care Guide: How to Maintain Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is one of the many materials used for a prefabricated home. Find out how to clean the concrete in your home.

Have you ever wondered how exactly to take care of the concrete areas of your home? Concrete is a durable product often used for driveways, and sometimes even the skirting of a manufactured or modular home.

Caring for the concrete areas of your home is just one way to keep your home looking great. Here are some things you should know about taking care of concrete around your home.


How to Maintain Your Home's Concrete

Keeping up with general maintenance is a smart way to keep your concrete surfaces in top shape. Maintaining the concrete in your home can possibly help prevent cracks from appearing earlier on. Check out these tips on how to keep concrete areas, like your driveway, looking their absolute best!

  • Keep concrete areas clean of snow and ice at all times during the winter months. This can help prevent cracking caused by extreme temperatures.
  • Don't use harsh acid based products for stain removal.
  • Don't use de-icing elements during the winter months when your concrete is exposed to moisture. Try applying sand to the area instead.

You should also make sure to apply a quality sealer to concrete areas prior to the first winter that the concrete will be exposed.1 These general maintenance tips are a good place to start in keeping the concrete areas of your home in great shape.

How to Properly Clean Concrete

concrete skirting mobile home

Although there are different ways to clean concrete surfaces, one of the best ways is to use a pressure washer because it is easy and effective. You can either hire a professional to pressure wash, also known as power wash, your driveway for you or rent a pressure washer and do it yourself.

If you are going to power wash your concrete driveway yourself, here's what you'll need:²

  • Painter's tape
  • Broom
  • Stiff brush
  • Pressure washer
  • Pressure-washer detergent
  • Bottle of spray degreaser
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Safety gloves
  • Safety manual
  • Garden hose
  • Paint tray
  • Extender pole
  • Roller cover
  • Roller handle

If you rent a pressure washer, make sure to check and see what items you will be receiving. Next, it will be time to put these items to use!

How to Pressure Wash a Concrete Surface in 10 Steps:

concrete walkway mobile home

  1. With the broom, sweep the surface of any debris or excess dirt.
  2. If the concrete meets walls or doors, make sure you cover the nearby surfaces with plastic sheeting and painter's tape. This will keep any loose debris from affecting the walls and doors.
  3. Read the safety manual that comes with the pressure sprayer prior to use.
  4. Spray the concrete surface with the bottle of spray degreaser. Then, scrub the degreaser into the concrete using the stiff brush.
  5. Attach the spray wand tip for detergent.
  6. Connect the hose to the pressure washer for water supply.
  7. Prepare your pressure washer for detergent. To do this, you will need to place the detergent siphon tube into the detergent container.
  8. Once your detergent tube is securely in place, spray the detergent onto the entire concrete surface. Make sure to wear gloves to protect your hands.
  9. Next, pressure wash the concrete following the directions for the specific pressure washer you're using. Hold down the spray handle and work your way around the surface.
  10. After you have sprayed your concrete, pour the waterproof sealer into the paint pan. Starting in the middle of the concrete area, roll the sealer about the surface.

Once you have sealed the concrete surface, you should wait 24 hours before parking or placing anything on the surface.²

Keeping your home and your landscape well-kept is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of homeownership. You get to take pride in your home and give it your personal style. For more ways to stay on top of home maintenance, check out our Home Care Guide tips.

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