Home Care Guide: Clayton Built® Home Cabinet Care

Home Care Guide: Clayton Built® Home Cabinet Care

Learn which cabinet options are available for customization in your manufactured home.

Custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets are a beautiful addition to your Clayton Built® manufactured or modular home. With several different styles and options, you'll be able to customize your cabinets to perfectly fit your dream home.

Knowing and understanding the materials your cabinets are made of is important to their upkeep. Be sure to check with your home center upon purchasing your Clayton Built® home what cabinets are made of in your home.


Although the cabinets in your Clayton home are made of quality, durable material, if water spills on them, you should wipe it up immediately to prevent it from staining the wood surface or warping the doors. This is a good rule of thumb for any amount of liquid, even a small amount such as steam from a coffee maker.

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How to Clean Your Cabinets

We recommend regularly cleaning your cabinets by:

  • Applying scratch polish, furniture polish or Murphy Oil soap using a slightly damp sponge followed by a dry cloth.
  • You may also want to clean and treat the woodwork in your home with a light coat of wax or mild furniture polish, at least once or twice a year, to preserve the finish and its appearance.
  • Do not use excessive soap and water, ammonia, bleach-based products or abrasives when cleaning your cabinets.

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How to Repair Your Cabinets

As with all homes, normal wear and tear to your cabinets can occur over time. Here are a few tips and tricks for repairing your cabinets when these things happen.

  • If the cabinet gets scratched, nicked or you would like to fill a small hole from a nail, color matching putty, found at most hardware stores, can be used to fill the hole.
  • If the sliding shelf begins to stick, lightly apply a light coat of silicone spray to the track.
  • If the hinge on the cabinet becomes loose, causing the door to sag, straighten the door and tighten the hinges.
  • If the cabinet becomes damaged to the extent that it cannot be repaired, first, contact the cabinet manufacturer to see if they still offer the style your home has. If they don't have the cabinet, ask them if you can purchase a similar style prior to it being stained. Find a wood stain that's similar in color to your current cabinet color and stain the new cabinet to match!
  • If you need to replace your cabinets, contact the cabinet manufacturer or the home center from which your purchased your home for direction on how to purchase new cabinets.

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Following these steps, and other Home Care Guide tips, will help prolong the life and beauty of the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom!

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