What to Know About Your Clayton Limited Home Warranty

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From defining it to outlining how to make a claim, let's cover what you need to know about your Clayton limited home warranty.

The Clayton team is committed to providing durable, quality homes to our customers. This is why we provide a standard one-year limited manufacturer’s new home warranty. You may have questions about this topic, like what exactly is a home warranty? What’s covered under it? Who should you reach out to for specific warranty requests? And how do you go about registering your home’s warranty? We’ll, we’re going to answer these for you in this easy-to-follow guide.

What is Clayton’s One-Year Limited Home Warranty?

How your home is built is important to your warranty’s terms because, our standard manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty means your completed home and its installation meets the necessary building code requirements. Clayton builds our manufactured homes to the federal HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, often called the HUD Code, issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. And our modular homes are built to meet the requirements of all applicable state, regional and local building codes, similar to traditional site-built home construction.

Let’s break down what that means for you as a homeowner. In order to ensure your new home meets all applicable building codes, Clayton’s limited warranty affirms the home’s plumbing, heating and electrical systems, and all appliances and equipment installed by us, are free from defects in materials and workmanship, and comply with the appropriate building codes for the home.

That means if you’re just moving into your new home and you notice any issues with these items, let us know in writing so they can be taken care of. Just make sure to review the terms of your limited home warranty to understand what types of defects are included and excluded.

How Long Does the Warranty Cover Your Home?

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Your Clayton limited warranty typically begins on the date your home is installed on your property, and our standard limited warranty lasts one year from that installation date.

However, depending on which home building facility built your home and which home center you purchased it from, you may also have the option to buy an extended warranty. Some facilities and home centers may be able to offer you a 5- or 10-year extended warranty, which you can purchase from an independent, third-party warranty company. If you want to know more about these extended warranty options, talk with your local home center consultant about what options are available.

What is Covered Under Your Home Warranty?

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Now that you have an idea of what limited home warranty is and when it begins and ends, let’s get into what the warranty typically covers. Clayton’s limited warranty covers several types of defects that could occur in your home, but it does have some exclusions. For complete details and a full list, we recommend that you read the limited warranty located in the homeowner manual you’ll receive with your home.

Your Clayton limited home warranty usually covers:

  • Defects that were present at the time the home was manufactured.
  • Defects in materials or workmanship of the home, including in the plumbing, heating and electrical systems.
  • Appliances and accessories manufactured by a third party only for defects resulting from improper installation. Any defects unrelated to the installation would be covered by the appliance manufacturer.

If the home building facility is provided with written notice of the defect during the limited warranty period and the defect is covered by the limited warranty, the building facility will repair or replace the component in which the defect appears.

Your Clayton limited home warranty will not cover:

  • Defects in accessories such as sheds, awnings, carports, etc., that are constructed by third parties.
  • Defects in additional structures that are attached to the home, such as decks and porches.
  • Damage from normal deterioration due to wear and exposure.
  • Damage caused by abuse, negligence, misuse, accidents or natural disasters.

See your limited warranty in your homeowner manual for a complete list of exclusions. You can also find an online copy of the homeowner manual on our website.

What about other items that fall outside of the limited warranty?

While cosmetic damage and imperfections are not covered by the limited warranty, Clayton will repair them as long as you provide written notice of the damage within the first 30 days after your home is installed at the home site.

In addition, appliance manufacturers often have warranties that will cover your appliances, but make sure to register them with the manufacturers to ensure they will cover any potential defects or malfunctions.

How Do You Make a Warranty Request?

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Now let’s talk about how to file a warranty claim. First, you’ll need your home warranty card. This document holds important information about your warranty. There will be three copies of it in your homeowner manual that were already registered and completed by your home retailer when you bought the home, including your contact information, home address, the retailer the home was bought from, your home’s model number, its manufactured date, what wind and roof load zones it’s located in and more.

After you have your warranty card, you can call the home center you purchased your home from or the home building facility that built your home. Our home consultants can help you file a written repair request with the home building facility.

Make sure to tell your home consultant the repair you need, and they will help you locate the appropriate parties to schedule a service call.

The appliance warranty information, along with your homeowner manual, will be in the packet you received with your keys when moving in. You can find phone numbers for each appliance manufacturer there or on the magnet of your refrigerator door. Damages to appliances may be covered by your appliance manufacturer’s warranty, which is different and separate from than the home warranty you have with Clayton.

At Clayton, we want you to enjoy your home for the years to come, and a warranty can help cover repairs and get you back to your day-to-day life. And for even more helpful information and tips about homeownership, you can check out our Clayton Studio blog.

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