Building A Manufactured Home to Modular Codes

Exterior of a modular home featuring white siding, a porch, stone accents and blue shutters, with a green lawn in front and trees in the background.

Did you know that many of Clayton’s manufactured home floor plans can also be built as a modular home? We’re taking a look at the difference between the two types of homes and the codes that determine how they’re constructed.

If you’re thinking about buying a manufactured or modular home, you probably have some questions, starting with the difference between the two. Basically, both are types of prefabricated homes, which means they’re constructed indoors and then transported to a home site.

The main difference between manufactured and modular homes is the codes they’re built to. All new manufactured homes are built to the national HUD code. In comparison, modular homes are built to all applicable regional, state and local codes, which can vary based on the home’s final location. For example, some areas may require a modular home to have a certain type of foundation or exterior features, while others do not. Many states use the International Residential Codes, which are also used as the building standards for traditional site-built homes.

While manufactured and modular home building codes are different, Clayton offers many prefabricated home floor plans that can be constructed to either. Let’s look deeper at how it works.

Woman points and shows a man and woman a Clayton home floor plan on a touch screen inside of a Clayton home center.

How Buying a Modular Home Works

When you’re picking your Clayton floor plan, you can ask your home consultant at your local home center if the one you’re interested in can be built as a modular home, and they will help guide you on the process. On the Find a Home page of our website, you can also use the “modular construction” option under Features to find modular home models that are available to be built in your area.

If you want your new Clayton home to be built to modular code, your home consultant and the facility that’s building your home will generally follow these steps:

  1. Your home consultant will reach out to the home building facility and confirm the home can be built as a modular home.
  2. The home building facility will ensure your modular home floor plan complies with your area’s applicable codes by submitting the construction plans to state and local regulators or to their designated third-party reviewers prior to building the home.
  3. When the home plan is approved for its final location, the home building facility will go ahead and start building your home. Once it’s complete, it will be delivered and the final assembly will take place before you move in.

Kitchen of a Clayton home featuring weathered style flooring, white cabinets, marble style counters and a medium wood island, with stainless steel appliances, with a doorway leading to the dining room in the background.

Should You Consider a Modular Home?

At Clayton, our goal is to help more people become homeowners, and that means working to find the right home for you. Our manufactured homes and modular homes are both beautiful, quality options. Either can offer you and your family a wide variety of features and styles, from farmhouse kitchens and spa-like bathrooms to open floor plans and built-in storage.

Whether you should buy a modular home or a manufactured home can depends on your family's needs and budget, as modular homes typically cost more than manufactured homes. It can also depend on where your new home will be located. The specific zoning rules for manufactured and modular homes vary by city, county or township, so your local home consultant can make sure you understand which option will be a good fit for your situation.

Here are some additional questions to consider if you’re trying to decide between a manufactured or modular home:

  • Do you own your own land or do want to place your home in a manufactured home community?
  • Is it possible you’ll want to move your home in the future ? If so, you’ll probably want a manufactured home that isn’t permanently attached to land.
  • What size home are you considering and how will it be located on your land? A certain floor plan might suit the layout of your space best.

If you’re looking for a new home that’s built for you while also working to stay within your budget, a Clayton Built® modular home can definitely be a wonderful option. And if you want to get started on your home buying journey today by seeing modular floor plans near you at a wide variety of prices, you can head over to our Find a Home page now.

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