Why Should I Visit a Home Center?

Why Should I Visit a Home Center? Hero

Visiting a home center is an important part of buying a manufactured or modular home. We’re looking at what a home consultant can help you with, from showing you available floor plans to answering any questions you might have during the buying process.

At Clayton, we want your journey to homeownership to be as smooth as possible, and that’s where your local home center comes in. There, you can speak with a knowledgeable home consultant about models and features you’re interested in, tour homes in person, and learn more about home site preparation and delivery.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what happens when you visit a home center and then answer some common questions about why it’s important to work with a home consultant.

What can a home center help me with?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a manufactured or modular home, you may already have looked at some models online or have an idea of what features you want. So, when you take that next step and go to a home center, you can see some of the models that center has available, which will help you narrow down the ones you’re interested in. And even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for just yet, home consultants are familiar with the models and can help guide you based on your general budget, size and style preferences, and any must-have features.

Many home consultants are also knowledgeable about the different steps within the home buying process, including information about contractors or finding land. They can also help you determine what you’ll need to know about preparing your home site for the home to be delivered, as well as what information you might want to have handy when you’re considering a lender. (Of course, the choice of a lender is always up to you!)

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Does it matter where I buy my home?

The short answer is yes! Home centers can usually have a new manufactured or modular home delivered to a location that’s within 150 miles. And while this may seem like a large distance in some parts of the country, we understand it may not be for some home buyers, especially if you’re in a more rural area or out West.

If your new home will be located more than 150 miles away from a home center, we recommend contacting the one that’s closest to you to get more information on how they may be able to work with you. Depending on your location, you may also be able to work with one of Clayton’s independently owned local retail partners. They offer Clayton homes, and may also have homes from other manufactured home builders.

Why is a certain home not available in my area?

If you've already looked at manufactured or modular homes on our website, you may have noticed not all of the homes Clayton sells are available in every zip code or state. This is because not every home building facility across the country builds every home model. Instead, home models can vary based on factors like regional style preferences, climate and the availability of different building materials. In this way, manufactured homes are a lot like traditional site-built homes!

Often, home centers also will not have every home that’s available in in area on display, due to the size of the center or the popularity of certain models. However, you can ask your home consultant to show you other homes that are available from a local building facility. If another home center in your area has a model you know you’re interested in, you may also be able to visit that center as well. And if you’re absolutely looking for any specific features in a house, be sure to let your consultant know. They’re here to help you find your perfect home!

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Can I buy my home directly from the builder?

Whether you choose a Clayton home center or one that’s independently owned, think of them as your trusted expert and guide. You will need to work with a consultant to show you all of your available home interior and exterior options, from siding and paint colors to flooring and different layout configurations. They will also coordinate with the facility that’s building your home to make sure everything goes smoothly, which means more peace of mind for you.

Plus, you’ll be able to learn about any current promotions, energy-efficient features, home warranty information and more. And if any questions or issues do come up while you’re purchasing your home, your home is being built or during the home delivery and set-up process, your home center will be there for you.

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