Home Care Guide: Window and Door Maintenance

Decorated living room of a manufactured home with a large double front door and several windows.

Learn how to properly care for the windows and doors of your manufactured home.

As a new homeowner, there are some home maintenance tasks you may have never thought about, such as replacing weather stripping or lubricating your window frames. But it’s things like these that will help keep every part of your beautiful home looking and functioning its best for the years to come.

With these helpful tips on window and door maintenance, you can give your home the love and care it needs.


Manufactured Home Window Maintenance Tips

Here are a few different things you can do to take care of your manufactured home’s windows so you can keep enjoying them as they bring in natural light and help open up your space.

Woman cleaning the kitchen window in a manufactured home

Cleaning Your Manufactured Home Windows

Let’s be honest, most of us probably forget about cleaning our windows, especially the ones that are covered with blinds and drapes, but doing so helps maintain the windows’ functionality and the look of your home. Cleaning the windows regularly will also help make it an easier task each time you do it, since you won’t have a buildup of debris. When cleaning your windows, you will get the best results by using a lint-free cloth and window cleaner, and make sure to clean both the interior and exterior sides.

Tip: If you have double-hung windows, you can use the latches on both sides of the windowpane and tilt the glass in toward you. This will make cleaning both sides of the glass a little easier.

While you are cleaning the glass, make sure to clean the window frame as well. It’s not uncommon to find a few bugs, dust and debris inside the window frame. Keeping that area clean will help to ensure that your window opens and closes with a good seal, without blockage or obstruction in the frame.

Replacing Your Window’s Weather Stripping

If you have noticed a draft coming from your window, it may be time to replace the weather stripping at the bottom. The weather stripping helps to keep air from passing in or out, which will help keep the temperature in your home where you want it.

There are several weather stripping materials to choose from, such as vinyl, aluminum, felt, foam or rubber. To replace the weather stripping, identify the material and type you currently have. If you have double-hung windows, you will likely have v-seal weather stripping and will need to replace it with a v-seal.

Once you have your new weather stripping, remove the old stripping and replace it with the new, trimming it to fit as needed. Depending on the type of weather stripping you use, you may need items like small screws or adhesive to secure it. Follow the instructions that come with the product to ensure a correct seal.

Lux window in a manufactured home

Lubricating Your Home’s Window Guides

Once a year, lubricate the window guides with a silicone spray to keep your windows from sticking or becoming hard to open. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Raise your window and clean the window frame so it is free of any dust or dirt
  • While the window is raised, spray a silicone window lubricant directly onto the window frame or into a dry cloth
  • Lightly rub the lubricant along the window frame with a cloth to ensure it is spread evenly

This not only maintains the functionality of your windows, but it’s also important for safety. If there is an emergency where you need to open the window, these tips will help make sure it does so quickly and easily.

Following these simple steps will keep your manufactured windows in good shape.

How to Take Care of Your Manufactured Home Doors

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Taking care of your doors helps maintain the quality of your home and your safety. During the manufactured home building process, the exterior doors are installed with a certain amount of clearance on all sides. The clearance is also filled with flexible weather stripping to help maintain your doors. Over time, you may need to replace the doors’ weather stripping and make adjustments to the metal strike plate as needed.

How to Replace the Weather Stripping on Your Door

With everyday wear and tear to your home’s doors, the time will come when you will need to replace the weather stripping to ensure the door seals tightly. This maintenance will help keep your home’s temperature regulated, along with keeping water and debris out. To replace your weather stripping, it is helpful remove the current weather stripping from around your door so you can take it with you to a local hardware store and match the material and length of stripping that you will need.

Some weather stripping slides into the grooves around the door frame, while others may have adhesive backing. Make sure to identify which type you have first, so you know how to properly remove it.

Once you have purchased the replacement weather stripping, secure it around the door frame and trim any excess stripping off the end for a perfect fit.

View of a manufactured home living room from an open front door with Kwikset door hardware

Tightening the Metal Strike Plate on Your Door

If you notice that the metal strike plate seems loose or is not lining up correctly when you open and close your door, you may need to adjust it. This is normal and happens over time, especially on doors you use often, but luckily all you need for this maintenance job is a screwdriver. When you open the door, inspect the metal striking plate to see if it’s loose. If it’s wiggling around, you can tighten the screws to secure it back in place. If you also notice the door latch is not fitting into the striking plate correctly, causing difficulty in latching it shut, you may need adjust the placement of the strike plate so the latch fits securely.

To ensure your safety, it’s important to make sure that access to your manufactured home’s exterior doors is never blocked. This will help keep your family safe and prevent any annoying roadblocks when you're leaving your home in a hurry.

Maintaining your home windows and doors is just one of many ways to keep your home in good working order. For more ways to stay on top of home maintenance, check out all of our Home Care Guide tips.

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