Quality and Innovation: Manufactured and Modular Home Exterior Walls

Quality and Innovation: Manufactured and Modular Home Exterior

Ever wonder how exterior walls are built? Check out this video!

Have you ever wondered how manufactured and modular home exterior walls are built? The exterior walls of a Clayton Built® home are constructed inside one of our climate controlled home building facilities using brand name, quality materials that can help a home last a lifetime! The exact same materials are used to build site built homes, but the difference is that our homes are not exposed to the elements during the building process which helps prevent damage and delays so we can get your home delivered to you faster. Our exterior walls have studs framed on 16 inch centers with door and window openings that have structural headers for functionality and additional strength! In multiple areas where electrical wiring passes through wall studs, steel plates are inserted to ensure safety and prevent damage.

As the exterior walls are being finished, our home builders pack them with insulation for maximum energy efficiency. There are requirements set in place by HUD[1] to determine the required R-value in particular climate zones. The “R-value” is the amount of resistance to heat flow through the insulation, so the higher the R-value the greater the resistance. Since quality insulation is key in maximizing the energy efficiency of a home, there are insulation upgrade options available along with many other maximum energy efficiency options. To learn more about these options, ask a friendly home consultant at your local home center!


Video Transcription

Your home’s exterior walls are built to last with traditional-sized studs framed on 16” centers. The door and window openings have structural headers for added strength and functionality. Electrical wiring is covered by steel plates where it passes through the wall studs to ensure safety and prevent damage. Finally, the exterior walls are packed full of thick insulation to help maximize energy efficiency.

We realize that as we're building manufactured  and modular homes, we're doing more than putting up walls, insulation and windows. As we build each home, we keep in mind that soon, you and your family will call this house your home.

When you invest in a Clayton Built® home, you get more than strong walls, flooring and roofing. You get a home built with you and your family in mind. 

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