All about Clayton Built® Home Inspections

All about Clayton Built® Home Inspections

Learn more about the inspection process for new Clayton homes.

Most people know that new manufactured homes are inspected when they are constructed in the building facility, but they don't know what exactly is inspected once the home arrives to the home site, who is doing the inspecting, why the inspections are necessary or what the benefits of the inspections are! Every Clayton Built® home and every home site is unique, so inspection points will vary by state, county and city regulations.

The Home Inspection Process for New Manufactured Homes

All manufactured homes undergo an extensive internal inspection process in the home building facility to make sure that every part of the home meets HUD Code construction requirements. To assure you that your home has met all HUD Code standards, all homes built after June 15, 1976 must include a certification label to identify that the home was built in accordance with HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards.¹ If your home has the certification label, then you know that it meets all applicable HUD Code safety and building requirements.

What Is Inspected at the Home Building Facility?

The short answer — everything is inspected internally and outside inspectors review each home at one stage of the construction process. For a more detailed answer, these are the areas that internal inspectors will review for each new manufactured home:

  • Body and frame requirements
  • Thermal protection
  • Structural load safety
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing systems
  • Electrical
  • Fire safety
  • Structural ability to be transported

Interior Inspection Prior to On-Site Delivery

On the inside of each new Clayton Built home, Clayton inspectors will inspect each room to ensure that the home meets HUD Code requirements. Check out some of the areas that our inspectors will look at:

  • Plumbing lines for proper pressure and correct sealing
  • Electrical outlets
  • Quality walk-through to check walls, doors, trim and flooring

Final Inspection After On-Site Completion of Construction

In addition to making sure your home abides by HUD Code, the land your home is placed on must also pass an inspection along with the home inspection to ensure proper on-site completion of construction of your home. There are 4 steps to complete the on-site final inspection of your home:

  1. Verify alternative construction (A/C) inspection (if applicable)
  2. Complete Inspection Checklist
  3. Complete ENERGY STAR® Checklist (if applicable)
  4. Clean the home

Step 1: Verifying Alternative Construction (A/C) Inspection

Some homes require alternative construction inspection for additions requested by the home buyer that are not addressed in HUD code, such as a site-built garage. If your home is designated as an AC home, it will have the letters "AC" in the serial number, which is located on the data plate. Verifying the AC inspection is the responsibility of your home center. The installation is not complete until the alternative construction inspection has been passed and all applicable internal documentation has been completed and returned to the plant.

Step 2: Complete Inspection Checklist

After all of the steps for on-site completion of construction have been completed, your home will be inspected to verify that it has been completely and properly constructed on site. Your on-site completion of construction crew will be responsible for completing the inspection checklist, and making sure that the completion of the home is in compliance with your home manufacturer's instruction.

Step 3: Complete ENERGY STAR® Checklist

If your home is ENERGY STAR® certified, your home must undergo an inspection which is to be completed by your home manufacturer's designated representative. Your manufacturer's representative will complete the ENERGY STAR® Site Installation Checklist, obtain signatures on the ENERGY STAR® label, and return the completed checklist to the manufacturing plant.

Step 4: Clean the Home

Your site crew will properly remove and dispose of all dust, debris and materials from your home and your surrounding property. This will ensure your home is move-in ready!

Having your home inspected is important to ensure the quality and safety of your new manufactured home.

***ENERGY STAR® and the ENERGY STAR® mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency*

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