How a Clayton Customer Helps Others Become Homeowners

Clayton customers Bonny and Alec sitting on the sofa in their manufactured home with their cat.

When Bonny and Alec Taylor found their dream home with Clayton, Bonny didn’t expect their home buying journey to turn into a passionate career. Learn how she’s helping others become Clayton Built® homeowners.

During the Taylor’s search for a new home outside of Greeneville, TN, they worked with real estate agents in the area, and ended up stopping by Clayton Homes of Rogersville just to see what was available. In the end, they chose the Treyburn home model from Clayton for its size, quality and layout, all at an affordable price. To learn more about their home buying experience, you can check out part one of their story here.

Clayton customers Bonny and Alec standing in front of their manufactured home.

Turning her Passion into a Career

When Bonny and Alec were at the home center to finalize the personal touches for their new home, Bonny struck up a conversation with another potential home buyer. When the home buyer said they hadn’t found what they were looking for, Bonny shared her own experience with Clayton.

“I started telling him what we did,” said Bonny. “You can make it a four bedroom, you can flip the floor plan. And before I knew it, I was kind of in a salesperson role at that point.”

This experience helped Bonny realize that she could turn her love for Clayton into a great career.

“It just led me to think, this is finally a product, a service I believe in,” said Bonny. “And the fact I could have a job bringing that to others, I thought, ‘I can do that.’”

When the Taylors were closing on their house, Bonny expressed interest in working for Clayton and selling homes. Six months later, Bonny got a call about a job opening for a home center representative. This was the beginning of Bonny’s career with Clayton, and her journey to help others achieve homeownership.


Helping Others Achieve their Dream of Homeownership

Bonny sees Clayton as offering a solution for those who are looking to becoming homeowners, including herself.

“Circumstances weren’t available for me to have my own home,” said Bonny. “[But] we wound up getting this [Clayton home], and I realized this is attainable for a lot of people and there are a lot of people that don’t know that.”

Clayton Homes customers Bonny and Alec sitting on the stairs of their front porch.

And Bonny knew her own experience could help others move into their dream home. During the six years Bonny has worked at Clayton, she has helped many customers find a home when they may have thought it wasn’t possible for them. Because Bonny has also been a customer, she is transparent about her home buying experience, and this helps customers feel more confident about navigating their own journey.

“I show them the quality in the build, what you can do with the homes to customize them and how solid they are,” said Bonny.

One of Bonny’s favorite parts of the job is the feedback she gets from customers after they’ve moved into their home.

“[Buying] a home is a big decision,” said Bonny. “Knowing that I’ve helped somebody and have somebody say I could not have done this without you and to have them trust me with that, it’s great. To come to work every day knowing that -even it was just one person - I’ve made a difference for somebody.”

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