I Am Clayton: HR Manager Brings Compassion to Building Facility

Sandy Santos, Clayton TMX manager, standing in front of a completed Clayton Built® home.

When Sandy Santos saw a job opening for a team member experience manager at Clayton, she didn’t know much about the company or the newly created role. Now, after four years with Clayton, she is bringing her personal drive, compassion and leadership to team members working at the Clayton Oxford home building facility.

Back in 2017, Sandy Santos applied for a job at Clayton Home Building Group® that would change the trajectory of her life. It was for a team member experience manager, or TMX manager, a role that was new to Clayton at the time. Each of Clayton’s 40 home building facilities nationwide has a TMX manager, a human resources position that helps make sure team members are engaged and the facility is following all of the company’s processes and procedures.

But this isn’t just any HR role. A TMX manager also focuses on creating a happy, healthy work environment for the team members building Clayton Built® homes, and a company where they can advance in their careers. With many years of experience in HR, Sandy felt it was a great opportunity for her. As a TMX manager for the Clayton Oxford facility, Sandy not only makes sure all policies are followed, but that team member’s needs are heard and a path for success is provided.

“I’ve been in HR for many years, and I’ve never been with a company that was so into their team members becoming something better,” Sandy says.


“We Add Compassion to Policies”

“TMX managers add compassion to our policies,” Sandy says. “We want team members to know this is a company where you can grow. As a TMX manager, we clear the path for team members.”

Clayton is a leader in the off-site built housing industry, helping make the dream of owning a home attainable for more families, and that all starts at our home building facilities. With more than 200 team members building manufactured and modular homes at the Clayton Oxford facility, Sandy’s mission is to provide a work environment where team members can grow and celebrate their accomplishments.

“My Puerto Rican culture is all about celebration and making everything fun. As a TMX manager, I’ve been able to bring that part of my culture to the facility,” Sandy says. “I’m in an ideal position to show them how anything great they’ve accomplished should be celebrated because they’ve earned it.”

And these accomplishments certainly don’t go unnoticed. As part of her role, Sandy helped implement a leadership program at Clayton Oxford. Through this year-long program, team members have learned the skills needed to develop their careers and move into roles such as department managers.

“My proudest moment as a TMX manager is when I see a team member succeeding,” Sandy says.

Sandy Santos, TMX manager, walking through the Clayton Oxford facility with a team member.

How Clayton Team Members Make an Impact

The leadership program is just one of many TMX managers help provide to team members. Other companywide initiatives help provide the tools needed to build a strong team like Let’s Talk, a mental health program that helps managers and team members communicate effectively, as well as Boundless, an internal diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging program that encourages team members to be their truest selves.

“We love to offer programs like Boundless and Let’s Talk,” Sandy says. “As a Hispanic woman, I am blessed that when I started at Clayton, I was treated for the person that I am. [Programs like Boundless] can give the experience that I had so every team member feels the same way. They belong at Clayton.”

At Clayton, we’re not just interested in finding opportunities to support our team members. We’re also committed to helping improve the lives of those within the communities where we live and work through efforts like empowering local nonprofits. This year, Clayton launched its Clayton Impact program, where full-time team members can take eight hours of paid volunteer time off a year to help make an impact for a variety of causes around the country.

I Am Clayton-Sandy Santos volunteer program

Sandy recently helped provide an opportunity for Clayton Oxford team members to give back to their community by partnering with Rebuilding Hope Inc., a North Carolina-based nonprofit that makes home repairs for those who have financial barriers or are physically unable to make them themselves. Through this partnership, team members have the opportunity to help build ramps for community members’ homes every month.

“The joy the team members get when they do this is so great, and they share their experience with other team members,” Sandy says. “It’s become word of mouth, and we now have several people interested in volunteering with this program.”

Always-Abounding Sandy-in-garden

The Important Things in Life

Sandy’s passion and joy carries through to her personal life. When she comes home from work, she walks straight to her backyard to tend to her abundant vegetable garden, where she grows tomatoes, peppers and more. Being able to grow what she eats is one of many of her passions – she loves to use the peppers from her garden to make Puerto Rican sofrito, and she adds her tomatoes to many of the meals she makes.

One of her favorite family traditions is Three Kings Day or el Dia de los Reyes Magos. Every year on the night of January 5th, kids fill a small box with grass and put it underneath their parents’ bed. On the morning of January 6th, kids return to the parents’ bedroom to see the box of grass replaced with gifts.

“January 6th isn’t a holiday here, but I’ve explained it to my colleagues and now they know why I celebrate that day,” Sandys says. “Some even say ‘Happy Three Kings Day’ to me.”

Always-Abounding Sandy-with-dogs

The most important people in Sandy’s life are her husband, five kids, seven grandchildren and three dogs.

“They’re the reason I do what I do,” she says. “Everything I do is because of them and for them.”

Her compassion and joy for life are evident when she shows up to work every day.

“Whenever you have the responsibility to help more than 200 team members be successful, that is something I am very proud of,” Sandy says. “Not only has a Hispanic woman but as a team member.”

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