About HUD Certification for Manufactured Homes

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Learn more about what HUD certification is, where you can find your certification label in your manufactured home and why this information is important for you to know.

All manufactured homes built after 1976 are constructed according to the HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards created by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. These national standards, usually called the HUD code, include requirements for the home’s construction, fire safety, energy efficiency and more. And a manufactured home’s certification label signifies that the home has been built to HUD code.

Let’s take a deeper look into what information is included on that label, where you can find it and why that information is important.

HUD Certification Label

What is a HUD Certification Label?

The HUD certification label, also known as the HUD tag, is a piece of metal that’s attached to the outside of the manufactured home.

According to HUD code, “The label shall be approximately 2 in. by 4 in. in size and shall be permanently attached to the manufactured home by means of 4 blind rivets, drive screws, or other means that render it difficult to remove without defacing it. It shall be etched on 0.32 in. thick aluminum plate. The label number shall be etched or stamped with a 3 letter designation which identifies the production inspection primary inspection agency and which the Secretary shall assign. Each label shall be marked with a 6 digit number which the label supplier shall furnish. The labels shall be stamped with numbers sequentially."

The label has a number with three letters that indicate which state the home was built in. Then there’s a unique 6-digit number that comes from the manufacturer that built the home. And finally, there’s text that reads:

“The manufacturer certifies to the best of the manufacturer’s knowledge and belief that this manufactured home has been inspected in accordance with the requirements of Department of Housing and Urban Development and is constructed in conformance with the federal manufactured home construction and safety standards in effect on the date of manufacture. See data plate.”

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Where Can I Find My HUD Certification Label?

The label is typically located on the back right corner of the outside of the manufactured home. It may also be on the “tongue” of the home or corner of the frame.

If you’re having trouble finding your label, the same information can also be found on your home’s data plate, which is a paper label that’s usually found in the primary bedroom closet or on the cabinets under the kitchen sink. The data plate has detailed information about your home, like the wind zone requirements to which it was built and what facility built your home.

And if you’ve lost or can’t find your HUD certification label, you can contact the Institute for Building Technology and Safety to request a copy of the original data, a label verification letter or a performance verification certificate, depending on your specific circumstances and needs.

You’ll want to know where your manufactured home’s HUD certification tag is so you can verify that your home was built to the proper codes and standards, which will help ensure its safety and durability over time. The number on it can help you look up information like your home’s roof load zone, insulation type and more. It will also come in handy if you ever plan to refinance, move or sell your home in the future.

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